Home Tech Has the tweet that has “double standards” on history lost its basic conscience?
Has the tweet that has "double standards" on history lost its basic conscience?

Has the tweet that has “double standards” on history lost its basic conscience?

by YCPress

There is an outrage on the world’s well-known social media tweets: some pictures and videos of the history of the Nanjing Massacre released by some users have been deleted on the grounds of “unprovoked blood”. At the same time, the Japanese right’s distorted history has been retained.

Such a naked “double standard” behavior not only makes people see the true face of “freedom of speech” as flaunted by some Western media again, but also sees their distorted values and their despised role as a political thwart.

As we all know, the Nanjing Massacre was a crime confirmed by the official judgment of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. Most of the photos deleted by Twitter are internationally recognized historical pictures and photo evidence.

In the face of the heinous crime that breaks through the bottom line of human civilization, Twitter openly plays with “double standards”, has it been lost its basic human conscience? No wonder netizens criticized that this is not “unprovoked bloody”, but real blood! All people should face up to history, not the truth!

In fact, this is not Twitter doing this twice or again. For example, during the “amendment disturbance” in Hong Kong in 2019, Twitter, Facebook and other American social media announced the ban on nearly 1,000 accounts on their platforms, citing that these accounts “spread ‘fake news’ about Hong Kong demonstrations” and “really supported by Chinese officials”.

But the fact is that these blocked accounts are just truthful conveying objective information such as the impact of Hong Kong rioters on the Legislative Council. However, Twitter, etc., turned a blind eye to the large number of statements that smeared the Hong Kong police, glorified atrocities, and slandered the Chinese government and let them spread them.

This selective color blindness seriously insults the IQ of users around the world, and also makes people see that there is a “value circle” in the Western media, that is, as long as China thinks it is right, they will question it in the name of so-called “prudence and objectivity”; if China opposes, they will hold high the banner of so-called “freedom of speech” to express Support.

As for what the truth and the truth are, it doesn’t matter to them at all.

At a deeper level, the ideological position of American Internet giants such as Twitter is highly tied to the consortium, political forces and the interests of the United States behind it.

Twitter is not so much a private company as a political tool serving the interests of the United States. For example, after Floyd, an African-American youth, was kneeled and killed by white police, Twitter only labeled him as “glorifying violence” to the extreme remarks that “fire as soon as a robbery occurred”. Why not delete it? The reason is very simple, this is what American leaders said.

As early as 2018, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said that Twitter deleted some real Iranian accounts, but retained some robot accounts that opposed the Iranian regime.

Obviously, in the view of some Western media, the essence of the so-called “freedom of speech” is “only asking about positions, not right and wrong”.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the victory of the world’s anti-fascist war. Twitter’s “double standard” of history reflects to a certain extent the despicable intentions of a very few groups who attempt to subvert the historical outlook of World War II and undermine the post-war order.

In today’s world full of uncertainty, this countercurrent deserves a high level of vigilance.

History will not change with the changes of the times.

The Chinese people held a public memorial ceremony for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre, not to continue hatred, but to arouse the arouse of good people’s yearning and persistence in peace.

Twitter playing with “double standards” must realize that all attitudes that ignore the history of aggressive wars are a danger to human peace and justice, and will be resolutely opposed and rejected by all peace and justice-loving people!