Home Politics Harboring “base” and “number two”? Iran accuses the United States of “planting”
Harboring "base" and "number two"? Iran accuses the United States of "planting"

Harboring “base” and “number two”? Iran accuses the United States of “planting”

by YCPress

U.S. media quoted U.S. intelligence personnel on the 14th and reported that Israeli agents shot and killed the Al-Qaida “number two” on the streets of Tehran, the Iranian capital in August.

The Iranian side denied the content of the report and accused the US of spreading false news and creating “Iranophobia.”

The New York Times quoted several U.S. intelligence personnel and reported confidential documents. The Al-Qaida organization’s “number two” Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah drove with his daughter near his home on August 7. , Was killed by two motorcycle riders using a pistol equipped with a silencer for five consecutive shots.

According to the report, the gunman was an Israeli agent who executed the assassination in accordance with the requirements of the United States.

Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah is also known as Abu Mohamed Masri. August 7 this year marks the 22nd anniversary of the bomb attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998. The U.S. determined that Abdullah was involved in planning the two attacks, and the FBI offered a $10 million reward for arresting him.

According to reports, Abdullah is the in-law of Usama bin Laden, the former supreme leader of al-Qa’idah, and the successor of the current supreme leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

According to US intelligence personnel, Abdullah was “detained” in Iran in 2003, but he lived in an upscale neighborhood in Tehran in 2015 and was free to move around. The US believes that Iran may be using Abdullah to plan an attack on the US.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Said Khatibzad denied the content reported by The New York Times at a press conference on the 14th, saying that it was a “Hollywood plot” fabricated by the United States and Israel.

Khatibzad emphasized that “Al Qaeda” is a terrorist organization, and is the product of the “wrong policy” of the United States and its allies. The media leaked fake news to link Iran to these organizations.”

“Although the U.S. has not stopped disseminating such false statements against Iran before, this has become a fixed practice in the current U.S. government,” Khatibzad said. “The White House is trying to use such statements to promote’Iranophobia’. Progress. There is no doubt that this is part of a full-scale economic, intelligence and psychological warfare against the Iranian people.”

During Barack Obama’s presidency, the United States and many other countries reached a comprehensive agreement with Iran on the Iranian nuclear issue, and Iran-US relations improved. However, after Donald Trump took office, the U.S. government unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement in 2018, and imposed sanctions and military threats on Iran to “extreme pressure”, and Iran-U.S. relations fell into high tension.

As of the 14th, Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah is still on the FBI’s list of wanted persons.