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Han's 9 years boy was imprisoned to death in a suitcase

Han’s 9 years boy was imprisoned to death in a suitcase

by YCPress

November 18th. According to South Korea’s “Seoul News”, Cheng (40), who was charged for homicide, child abuse in violation of the Child Welfare Law, and special injury crimes, was sentenced to 22 years in prison in September this year.

File an appeal. This afternoon, South Korea’s Daejeon High Court will appeal against him.

In June of this year, Cheng allegedly imprisoned his stepson B in a travel bag measuring 50 cm long, 71.5 cm wide, and 29 cm wide for 3 hours, and then locked B at 44 cm long, 60 cm wide, and 24 cm wide. In his suitcase, he died of hypoxic brain injury. 

The prosecutor said that during the investigation, it was found that Cheng not only did not take active rescue measures for the victims trapped in the suitcase, but stood on the suitcase and deliberately pressed his weight with his weight; even used a hair dryer to blow into the suitcase.

Hot air. It is reported that B said several times during his imprisonment that he was “out of breath”, but Cheng did not take action.

In September of this year, the Cheonan branch of the Daejeon District Court in South Korea found that Cheng had “no sympathy for children” and sentenced Cheng to 22 years in prison. Since then, the defendant Cheng Mou filed an appeal for improper sentencing. 

After Cheng filed an appeal, the prosecutor who had been sentenced to life imprisonment for Cheng also filed a protest. This afternoon, the first public trial of the appeal will be held.