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Hanoi, Vietnam, currently has no "seal city" plan

Hanoi, Vietnam, currently has no “seal city” plan

by YCPress

May 6, 2021 Ding Jinyong, secretary of the Hanoi Municipal Committee, said the government only advised people not to go out unnecessarily, abide by pandemic prevention and control measures, and cooperate with relevant departments to fight the pandemic.

In the face of online rumors that Hanoi may be “sealed city”, Ding Jinyong said Hanoi currently does not have a “seal city” plan.

Ding Jinyong said that despite the current serious situation of the pandemic, Hanoi municipal authorities are still effectively taking the necessary measures to track, locate, isolate and test all cases in a timely manner for the health sector to screen.

From 27 April to the afternoon of 6 May, there were 51 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Hanoi, 42 of which were related to the Central Tropical Hospital of Vietnam.