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A cease-fire agreement is still brewing and the Israeli-Palestinian firefight is likely to last for several days

Hamas: Israel is in a state of confusion and confusion … and the resistance missiles were caught off guard

by YCPress

The representative of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Lebanon, Ihssan Ataya, said: “The unprecedented missile attack on“ Tel Aviv ”, which showed the Iron Dome’s failure to prevent rockets from reaching their targets, is one of the most important achievements of the brave resistance until the moment, and we expect that the enemy will surprise more Surprises. “

He pointed out in press statements that “the remarkable progress achieved by the Al-Quds Brigades and the resistance factions in Gaza in developing their military and missile capabilities, their increased expertise, and the accumulation of their strength and power, led to this important achievement in confronting the Zionist entity.”

Ataya added, “The Palestinian uprising that was sparked by the city of Jerusalem and reached Israel indicates the extent to which the Palestinian people adhere to their land and sanctities, and that they are one people united in the face of the Israel, which cannot be divided or divided, and it believes in resistance as the only way to liberate it.” Palestine”.

He indicated that the awareness-raising project that was practiced against him, the methods of repression and intimidation that were used against him, and other conspiracies, did not lead to the result that our enemy wanted, and our Palestinian people in the Israel have proven that they are a genuine people, and they are waiting for the right moment to rise up against the Israel. And it contributes to liberating Palestine from Israel.

Ataya stressed that “the enemy is now in a state of confusion and confusion that made it bomb civilians and residential buildings, due to its shock at the size of the response to its attacks by the Palestinian resistance, and he did not expect that Gaza, which suffers from the siege, and from the Corona pandemic, in addition to his erroneous estimates.” Gaza is not ready for war, to wage these confrontations with this force and with this performance and planning. He did not take Gaza’s missile message in support of Jerusalem seriously, and was dropped in his hand. “