Home Politics Half-naked women appeared in the wardrobe of the British special forces camp, and what was more strange was the brain hole of media…
Half-naked women appeared in the wardrobe of the British special forces camp, and what was more strange was the brain hole of media...

Half-naked women appeared in the wardrobe of the British special forces camp, and what was more strange was the brain hole of media…

by YCPress

According to the Sun on the 22nd, a scandal broke out at the naval aviation base (RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset, England). A flight technician of the base “smuggled” his girlfriend into the base and hid it in the wardrobe of the barracks room for a long time.

Two weeks. It is understood that the woman was found half naked and covered her body with the uniform of a flight technician.

According to the report, the flight technician from the elite British commando helicopter unit sneaked his girlfriend into the trunk of the car and sneaked into the base at the end of his Christmas vacation. In order not to find the woman’s existence, the flight technician put a sign on the door of his room, which said, “Do not enter, cleaning.”

But as other soldiers complained about the constant smell in the room, the base’s first team of non-commissioned officers forcibly entered the room and found the naked woman curled up behind the flight technician’s uniform in the wardrobe.

Armed guards escorted her out of the base, which is the station of the British Special Forces. She then left the UK.

The Sun said that the woman was suspected of being a “Chinese spy” because the helicopter unit of the flight technician involved had previously followed the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth to the South China Sea.

But the flight technician told his superior that the woman was his girlfriend, not the so-called “Chinese spy”.

However, British sailors worry that the Far East-born woman with a Dutch passport may have lured the pilot into her “beauty trick” and stole combat secrets from Yellington base.

British Navy aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth”

A British security source said, “The incident has all the characteristics of the ‘beauty scheme’, and the naval officers cannot take any risks.” British naval sources added, “The woman is a foreign national who has unauthorized access to the assets of the British Ministry of Defense.

This is an amazing loophole and it is scary to think of what she might access.

We are working with partner agencies and conducting a thorough investigation of her background. She is not a Chinese citizen, she is a Dutch citizen of Asian descent.

In addition, the British Ministry of Defence responded to the incident, saying that the department had confirmed that the woman was not a spy, but still regarded the incident as a serious security loophole.

Local British media said that the woman was not Chinese, but a Dutch citizen of Indonesian descent, and she had been dating the flight technician involved for about two or three years.

The British navy insists that it will take any security violations “extremely seriously”.

A spokesman for the British Navy said, “The British Navy takes any violation of security or coronavirus guidelines very seriously.

We are investigating the incident, but the woman is a European citizen and therefore has no suspicion of espionage.”

Yewerton Naval Air Force Base, UK Source: British media

According to the report, the flight technicians involved may face prison due to serious security loopholes.

The flight technician served at the 847th Naval Air Squadron, which provided Wildcat helicopters for aerial assault missions.

He said that he first met the woman on vacation in 2019.

When returning to the base after last Christmas vacation, she sneaked her in the trunk of her car.

British naval sources said, “The flight technician told the British naval police that the woman was scheduled to return to the Netherlands on New Year’s Eve, but there were some problems due to the epidemic.

He thought he could take her to the base and hide her in his dormitory. But this will never work.”

The source added, “No matter what her situation is, the flight technicians involved have seriously violated safety regulations and will be severely punished. He is likely to face prison.