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Haipingmen: When the G20 discussed how to deal with the epidemic, the United States left an empty stool

by YCPress

From November 21 to 22, the 15th summit of the G20 leaders was held by video conference. This summit gathered the “20 richest countries in the world” and attracted global attention.

Facing the impact of the rebound of the epidemic in Western society, French President Macron, German Chancellor Merkel and others specially convened a meeting on the topic of the pandemic. 

However, CNN found that when everyone was talking about how to fight the pandemic and how to distribute vaccines fairly, the United States only left an empty chair. 

The CNN anchor bluntly said: “After Trump briefly attended the G20 video conference, he went to his club to play golf.” The British “Guardian” lamented that in the past day, the United States has newly diagnosed 198,500 people, the most in the world.

“Other leaders are busy meeting to discuss countermeasures, but Trump is busy playing golf.” In the United States’ view, it takes three minutes to “fire” the global consensus on environmental protection and emission reduction, even if the task is completed.

The poor performance of the United States “as always” described by the US media is indeed the epitome of its image on the international stage in recent years: the world is in the same boat; the United States is busy playing a “lonely golf”. 

The New York Times commented that the G20 once again reminded people that the United States and its allies have huge differences in dealing with global threats such as the Coronavirus and climate change. 

The “Atlantic Monthly” comment sharply pointed out that the United States is no longer the “most admirable country” in the world, and that the US political system is “dysfunctional.” Now other countries are learning how to live without the United States.

On November 23, Beijing time, the United States officially withdrew from the “Open Skies Treaty”, once again showing its background of “single fight alone.” The “God Picture” of Trump being “siege” by the European Union now seems to have no sense of disobedience.