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Greek Prime Minister: Greece must not become a low-cost investment destination

by YCPress

November 26 According to a report on the 26th, recently, Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis said that Greece needs to attract investors in five aspects, not just reduce labor costs.

It is reported that Mizotakis made the above remarks in a conference call to discuss the final draft of the “Greek Economic Development Plan”. He said the report would serve as a “road map” to guide Greece’s rational use of the EU Recovery Fund. At the same time, he also pointed out that the report is not a government plan or political document, but a “reference text” of Greek society, political parties and market forces, and said that the report would be submitted to the public for public.

Mizotakis said that Greece’s comparative advantage should focus on taxation, human resource quality, state operation, transparency and institutional independence, and stressed that Greece must not be a low-cost investment destination.

In addition, Mizotakis pointed out that the plan includes lowering workers’ taxes, productive investment and incentives to encourage more investment in research and innovation.

Mizotakis concluded by emphasizing that “as a country, we are indeed lagging behind in improving the productivity of workers and enterprises. To improve this, we must increase investment in Greece, specifically, to double the amount of investment to cover the huge gap in divestiture during the decade crisis.”