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Gov Cuomo: It is irresponsible, narcissistic and shameful that Trump is not allowing Biden’s team to make transfer

by YCPress

CNN, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said on the 13th of the month that President Trump’s denial of defeat and refusal to participate in the transition process is “fake … and detached from reality.”

“For him, the Biden team has been prevented from making an orderly, highly irresponsible and narcissistic diversion. It’s a shame. He still denies (he lost the election), but the (vote) numbers are no longer valid. It’s not very clear,” Cuomo said.

At a press conference at the White House Rose Garden earlier today, Trump criticized Cuomo over the pollen issue, after which Cuomo made the remarks. Trump has stated that the federal government will not offer a potential new Crown vaccine to New York State until the state governor informs the federal government that it is “ready.” Trump also described the vaccine effectiveness as “very successful” and “amazing,” reaching 90%. Trump said, “The vaccine will be available to all residents in April at the earliest, except for places like New York state. For political reasons, the New York State Governor has made a decision … He wants to wait longer about vaccinations. Sometimes.”

Last month, Cuomo said he believed the vaccination plan presented by the White House Coronavirus Response Task Force was “seriously flawed.” Cuomo said he was speaking on the phone with working group members and learned that the premise of the federal vaccination plan is to use private pharmacies as the main distribution point for vaccines. This is a very limited distribution mechanism, Cuomo said. The federal vaccination plan does not appear to allow state governments to send people to organize vaccination on any scale. A few days later, Cuomo said the White House made it clear to him that the federal vaccination plan would engage the US military in the future to distribute the new crown vaccine to major pharmacies for distribution. Cuomo believes this plan will disproportionately limit the distribution of vaccines in communities of color.

In response, Trump said at a press conference on the 13th of this month, that the United States government cannot provide the vaccine to a state government that will not immediately distribute it to its people.