Home LifestyleHealth Global Times editorial: Unless human beings unite, they will not accept the virus.
Global Times editorial: Unless human beings unite, they will not accept the virus.

Global Times editorial: Unless human beings unite, they will not accept the virus.

by YCPress

Britain’s preliminary judgment that the mutated novel coronavirus is 70% more infectious than the previous novel coronavirus shocked Europe and the world. Countries in Europe and beyond have announced temporary cut-offs from the United Kingdom, and Britain is facing another difficult moment since this year’s outbreak.

It was not easy for the Johnson administration to make a determination to fire the first shot in the fight against the mutant virus during Christmas and to take severe measures equivalent to a blockade of London and southeastern England.

Britain has paid the price of the desystematicization of the previous fight against the epidemic, but there is always hope that it is not too late to mend the sheep.

It turns out that the fight against COVID-19 is a very hard battle, and human beings need to pay a certain amount of effort. The natural formation of “herd immunity” is pure fantasy, and modern human society cannot afford the price it means.

Strong social organizing actions are essential to cutting off the transmission channels of the virus, and societies that have difficulty implementing strict social distancing at critical moments need to make up for this.

Little is known about mutated viruses, including whether their high infectivity is their natural nature or the result of excessive social activities in the British.

It is uncertain. Equally uncertain is whether a vaccine that has been developed will work against the new virus, which will take some time to answer.

The mutation of the novel coronavirus is likely to make the fight against the epidemic more tortuous, and the recent American-led optimism that the vaccine will end the coronavirus epidemic is bound to be questioned more. Illness comes like a mountain, and illness goes like a thread. For one person, I’m afraid it will be the same for human beings.

The harmfulness of the attitude of the United States has so far been fully proved that it has almost abandoned the organization against the epidemic and handed everything over to the vaccine.

This attitude of the United States has profoundly affected many countries in the West and even the world, and has made a very bad example of giving up the fight against the epidemic because the anti-epidemic work is very difficult.

There are too many infected people around the world, which greatly expands the position of the novel coronavirus and provides more possibilities for the virus to fight against human beings for a long time through mutation and other means. If most of the world is infected at the same level as China and East Asia, it must be much easier to encircle and annihilate the novel coronavirus after the vaccine comes out.

Now that the virus has completely spread all over the world, the conditions that promote their mutation are very different. It is bound to be much more difficult to eliminate them, which can never be quickly developed by a vaccine developed by Pfizer and other American companies.

In order to defeat the novel coronavirus, in addition to relying on vaccines, the world must unite as soon as possible and take coordinated and unified actions, from detecting and monitoring the latest developments of the epidemic to responding to truly forming a whole in a timely manner.

Like now, the virus mutation has occurred in the United Kingdom, and many European countries temporarily cut off its flights, but the United States is slow, and most countries have close air ties with the United States. Such prevention and control are still isolated and far from being networked.

Moreover, many countries can make the government hand in due to the cut-off, but many infected people may have entered their country, and the fight against the epidemic is largely superficial.

The United States was the first to take outage measures when there were epidemics in China and Europe, but the United States later had the world’s worst explosion. The lesson of cutting off flights without follow-up measures is well worth remembering in the countries and regions that are currently off flights with the United Kingdom.

Washington’s current ruling team is the main obstacle to the world’s unity in the fight against the epidemic. They are the culprits that cause human beings to be like scattered in the face of the virus.

According to the current situation, the mutant virus in the UK has a high probability of spreading around the world. What kind of consequences this will lead to depends on whether the mutant virus is really more infectious and deadly, and human beings are almost resigned to their fate.

Because China has established a strong prevention and control system, our pressure will be much less, but even so, we can’t take it lightly. For the mutated virus, now is the first time to test the effectiveness of China’s foreign defense input.

Hong Kong is undoubtedly the weakness of this wave of prevention and control. The SAR government has announced a temporary cut-off with the United Kingdom, but this is obviously not enough. Guangdong, which is adjacent to Hong Kong, also needs more precautions.