Home World Global Times editorial: Five Eyes Alliance has become the axis of white supremacy
Global Times editorial: Five Eyes Alliance has become the axis of white supremacy

Global Times editorial: Five Eyes Alliance has become the axis of white supremacy

by YCPress

The Canadian House of Representatives passed a non-binding motion on Monday accusing Xinjiang of an ongoing “genocide” against Uyghurs. 

The motion also threatened that Canada may call on the International Olympic Committee not to hold the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. 

The cabinet of the Canadian government abstained in the vote, and the International Olympic Committee definitely opposed the motion.

Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, the three Five Eyes Alliance members, have recently put pressure on China. They have formed a racist “gang behavior community” around the United States, aggressively provoking China, arrogantly, and defending every gang organization.

Hegemony that they all strive to pursue. To be precise, they are forming a white supremacist axis aimed at stifling the development rights of 1.4 billion Chinese people.

The members of the Five Eyes Alliance are all native English-speaking countries. With the exception of the United Kingdom, the other four countries were initially formed as a result of the British colonization of North America and Oceania, and they shared the recognition of the superiority of Anglo-Saxon civilization. 

The five countries have come together from the current boss, the United States, and become the “West of the West”. In the beginning, they only exchanged information with each other. Now they regard attacking China and Russia as a common mission, and the evil concept of racism continues to ferment consciously or unconsciously.

Except for New Zealand, as the smallest country in the five eyes, unwilling to participate too much in international conflicts, the other four countries have continuously strengthened coordination in attacking China, and they have quickly transformed from the past intelligence sharing mechanism into a political group.

A common language, a homologous historical background and culture, coupled with coordinated targets and political fanaticism, such axisization is destined to erode the healthy body of international relations and bring gangsterism to the diplomatic arena of the 21st century.

Since the Five Eyes Alliance countries are located on different continents, they are quite arrogant that they are the world. Among them, the media organizations in the United States and the United Kingdom are particularly developed, and they have the ability to speak out in the global English-language public opinion field, which increases their arrogance to represent the international community and world public opinion. 

In fact, the total population of the Five Eyes countries is only 1/3 of China, and even fewer people are keen on international racism. After all, they are just a small group of inhabitants on this planet.

UN Secretary-General Guterres pointed out this Monday that white supremacy and the neo-Nazi movement have surpassed domestic terrorist threats and become transnational threats. And the most serious white supremacy has undoubtedly occurred in the Five Eyes countries.

The hostility to immigrant groups and non-Western countries has become the actual carrier of this white supremacy and even the neo-Nazi movement. US Senator Tom Cotton was able to clamor to “bring the 90 million Chinese Communists into the ashes of history”. If he is not a neo-Nazi or ultra-racist, then who else in this world? Yes?

The Trump administration is an extremely typical white supremacist government. This is the characterization given to it by American public opinion. The internal and foreign policies of the Trump team are interlinked, and the activity of the Five Eyes Alliance is also driven by them. 

Now that the Trump team is gone, but their core diplomatic legacy of suppressing China has been largely preserved. The Five Eyes Alliance’s mechanism of “joint encirclement and suppression” of China has not only gradually solidified, but also accelerated its operation.

Global diplomacy in the 21st century must not be hijacked by a white supremacist axis that fakes the international community. We cannot allow their selfishness to pretend to be the common morality of this world, and we cannot allow them to set the common agenda of mankind. What they want is fake multilateralism, but what they actually pursue is the gangism of the small circle of interests.

China’s resistance to them is not only to defend its own rights and interests, but also to defend the diversity of the contemporary world based on international democracy and the right to choose roads of all countries.