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Global Pandemic Over 50 million confirmed cases of Coronavirus worldwide . White House Chief of Staff Infected

Global Pandemic Over 50 million confirmed cases of Coronavirus worldwide . White House Chief of Staff Infected

by YCPress

Overseas Network, November 8th. Worldometer website real-time statistics show that as of around 6:30 on November 8, Beijing time, a total of 500,940,64 confirmed cases of Coronavirus worldwide, a total of 1,254,759 deaths, and 112 countries and regions have more than confirmed cases. Million cases.

The global pandemic continues to spread. In the Americas, White House Chief of Staff Meadows was infected with Coronavirus, and most of the Amapá state in northern Brazil was paralyzed; in Europe, the German Defense Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs were quarantined after contacting confirmed patients, and Italy began to implement new pandemic prevention measures In Asia, Delhi, India will become the “Coronavirus capital”, and the Iranian pandemic continues to rebound, with more than 8,000 confirmed cases in a single day for 6 consecutive days.

Americas: White House Chief of Staff Meadows infected with Coronavirus virus paralyzed most of the Brazilian state of Amapa

United States pandemic

United States pandemic According to Worldometer’s real-time statistics, as of about 6:30 on November 8, Beijing time, a total of 10,160,109 cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in the United States, and a total of 243,139 deaths have been reported. Compared with the data at 6:30 the previous day, there were 101,523 new confirmed cases and 910 new deaths in the United States.

According to Bloomberg News, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told colleagues that he was infected with Coronavirus. It is not yet known when Meadows learned that he was infected with the virus, and it is also unclear whether he has symptoms. On October 12, Meadows said during the hearing break of the Senate Judiciary Committee that he refused to wear a mask for an interview. According to statistics, more than 36 people related to the US President or the White House have been infected with Coronavirus.

Brazil pandemic

Brazil pandemic As of November 7, local time, Brazil had 21,056 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus in a single day, with a total of 5,653,561 confirmed cases; 234 new deaths and a total of 162,269 deaths.

More than 80% of the administrative districts of Amapá State in northern Brazil have been without water and electricity for 4 days since November 3, and the normal life of the residents of the state has been paralyzed. The Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy and the state government formed an emergency response team on the 5th to rush to the scene. The power construction team set up generators for gas stations, supermarkets and hospitals and other urgently needed business places to solve some of the electricity problems. Due to the interruption of domestic water at home, residents of the state obtain domestic water from nearby rivers and lakes.

Europe: Paris further tightens control measures, German defense minister and foreign minister accept isolation

France pandemic

France pandemic According to data released by the French public health department on November 7, local time, as of 14:00 on the same day, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in France reached 1,661,853, and an additional 60,846 cases were added within 24 hours. A total of 39,865 deaths have been reported, including 27,356 deaths in hospitals, and 828 new cases within 24 hours.

Coronavirus in Paris continues to worsen, and the local intensive care unit is facing great pressure, so Paris has further tightened control measures. According to a communiqué issued by the Paris Police Department, starting on the 6th, from 10 pm to 6 am the next morning, take-out and meal delivery services are prohibited; at the same time, the sale of alcohol is restricted and drinking on public roads is prohibited.

Russia pandemic

Russia pandemic According to the latest data released on the 7th on the official website of Russia’s Coronavirus pandemic prevention, Russia added 20,396 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus, with a total of 1,753,836 confirmed cases, new cases of Coronavirus, 174 new deaths, and a total of 11364 deaths. There were 364 deaths and a total of 30,251 deaths.

Alexander Gorelov, deputy director of scientific work at the Central Epidemiological Institute of the Russian Federation Consumer Rights Protection and Public Welfare Supervision Agency, told Satellite News Agency that Coronavirus is mutating, but only less than 1% of the virus’s genes are involved. No stronger.

Germany pandemic

Germany pandemic According to data released by the Robert Koch Institute, the Federal Agency for Disease Control in Germany, as of 0:00 local time on November 6, Germany had a total of 641,362 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, an increase of 22,246

German media reported on the 6th that after attending a cabinet meeting on the 4th, Foreign Minister Masi learned that a member of a foreign delegation he had contacted was infected with the Coronavirus, and then he began to undergo isolation. Coronavirus warning software installed on the mobile phone of Secretary of Defense Kramp-Karenbauer shows that she may have been in contact with patients with confirmed Coronavirus in private time. As a precautionary measure, Kramp-Karenbauer will accept home isolation until this weekend. Both tested negative.

Italy pandemic

Italy pandemic According to the latest data released by the Italian Ministry of Health on November 7, Italy has 37,809 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus in a single day, setting a new record for the second day in a row, with a total of 862,681 confirmed cases (abruzzo region reduced by 4 Cases, Emilia-Romagna region reduced 3 cases); there were 446 new deaths and a total of 40,638 deaths.

In order to prevent and control the pandemic, the cabinet of the Italian government once again amended the anti-pandemic decree and stipulated that the decree will be implemented from the 6th local time and will be valid until December 3. After Italian Prime Minister Conte signed the new pandemic prevention decree on the evening of the 3rd, some local governments have put forward different views on the establishment of high-risk red pandemic areas. Some regions do not want to implement blockade measures, and some regions hope to upgrade pandemic prevention measures. To this end, the Italian government’s cabinet once again amended the pandemic prevention decree, stipulating that the revised new law will be implemented from the 6th.

United Kingdom pandemic

United Kingdom pandemic According to statistics from the Department of Health and Social Security of the United Kingdom, as of November 7 local time, 24,141 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the United Kingdom within 24 hours, a total of 1,123,197 confirmed cases; 378 new deaths, a total of 48,120 deaths within 28 days after diagnosis .

A latest survey shows that nearly half of British teachers are worried about problems such as insufficient safety measures for school pandemic prevention. At present, England has entered the second comprehensive “blockade” stage, and teachers have asked for a new pandemic risk assessment system. During the national lockdown, schools are still required to be open to all students. However, the Union of Teachers of the United Kingdom (NASUWT) stated that more “strong actions” are now needed to prevent further spread of the pandemic on campuses.

Asia: Delhi, India will become the “Coronavirus capital” Iran diagnoses over 8,000 cases in a single day for 6 consecutive days

India pandemic

India pandemic According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Health on the 7th by the Indian ANI News Network, the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in India rose to 8,462,081. In the past 24 hours, India has confirmed 50,357 new cases; 577 new deaths, and a total of 125,562 deaths.

The “India Express” reported on the 6th that 6,715 new confirmed cases were added in Delhi on the 6th, and 66 new deaths were added, with a total of 6,759 deaths. The Delhi High Court stated on the same day that Delhi will soon become the “Coronavirus capital” of India, believing that the local government not only failed to control the pandemic, but also failed to deal with the financial shock caused by the pandemic, resulting in a large number of employees, including medical staff, unable to receive salaries normally. .

Iran pandemic

Iran pandemic According to the latest news from the Iranian Ministry of Health, in the past 24 hours, Iran has newly confirmed 9450 new cases of Coronavirus and 423 new deaths. As of noon on the 7th local time, Iran had a total of 673,250 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 37,832 deaths.

Coronavirus pandemic in Iran has shown signs of resurgence since September, with new confirmed and hospitalized cases increasing, and the medical system is heavily burdened. The Ministry of Health spokesperson previously stated that Iran has entered a state of full-scale war against Coronavirus pandemic.

Confirmed cases in other countries pandemic

Among Asian countries, except India, Japan, and South Korea; Singapore has confirmed 58054 cases; Israel has confirmed 318949 cases…

Among Oceanian countries, Australia has confirmed 27652 cases; New Zealand has confirmed 1976 cases…

Among American countries, with the exception of the United States and Brazil, Peru has confirmed 917,503 cases, and Argentina has confirmed 1228814 cases.