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Biden will launch a "100-day mask wearing" plan

Germany maintains its “city closure” and will distribute N95 masks to high-risk groups

by YCPress

Berlin, November 16 German Chancellor Merkel, after meeting with state governors on the 16th, did not introduce stricter pandemic prevention measures as previously expected, but maintained the current “cities lockdown” measures Intensity. On the same day, Merkel called on citizens to reduce personal contact to the smallest possible extent and earnestly abide by the government’s pandemic prevention rules. The German government announced on the same day that it would distribute 15 FFP2 (ie N95) masks to high-risk groups from December.

On the 16th, the German disease control department announced that the number of newly diagnosed coronavirus in a single day was 10,824, which was a significant drop from the previous maximum of 23,000 in a single day.

However, Merkel said at a press conference that day that although the surge in the number of newly diagnosed cases has slowed down, the German pandemic has not yet ushered in a “turning point.” To this end, the German federal government and the states in the resolution reached on the same day called on all people to reduce interpersonal contact to the “absolutely necessary minimum”, and at the same time abide by the government’s “AHA+A+L” pandemic prevention mantra, namely: keep interpersonal distance , Wash hands frequently, wear masks, install COVID-19 warning APP, and open windows frequently for ventilation.

The resolution pointed out that the states will advance the construction of infrastructure such as COVID-19 vaccination centers in advance to ensure that vaccination can be carried out soon. Starting in December, Germany will distribute 15 FFP2 protective masks per person to high-risk groups. In addition, the government will increase financial support for hospitals.

Merkel said that since it is not yet possible to accurately predict whether the second round of “city lockdown” measures implemented on November 2 will achieve the goal of controlling the number of newly diagnosed people, she herself will discuss with the governors of the states again on the 25th of this month. Effectiveness of pandemic prevention, and formulate an overall pandemic prevention strategy for December this year and January next year.