Home Politics Germany joins “Little NATO”? A warship is about to go to Indian Ocean
Germany joins "Little NATO"? A warship is about to go to Indian Ocean

Germany joins “Little NATO”? A warship is about to go to Indian Ocean

by YCPress

Under the leadership of the United States, Japan, Australia, and India successively jumped onto the “American tank” and became a member of the so-called “Asia-Pacific Little NATO.” Recently, the Asia-Pacific NATO will expand its capacity, and Germany will also “train” in the Asia-Pacific region. The Russian media sighed with emotion, it was really hidden

According to the Global Network quoted India’s “Eurasia Times” report on November 2, Germany will deploy a warship in the Indo-Pacific region to patrol the Indian Ocean. During the interview, German Defense Minister Karenbauer first admitted that China is Germany’s largest trading partner and that strong economic ties have benefited both parties.

But then she changed her conversation, saying that China’s influence is growing, and Germany should follow the pace of NATO countries and increase its ties with Australia and other countries. At the same time, despite the COVID-19 crisis hitting the German economy, Germany will spend more on defense in 2021 than in 2020. “I hope that this warship can begin deployment in 2021 and deploy it with Australia. Maintain stability and order in the Indo-Pacific region,” Karenbauer said.
Germany joins "Little NATO"? A warship is about to go to Indian Ocean

It is worth noting that this move by Germany is part of its “Indo-Pacific Strategy” released in September 2020. Military experts said that after Britain withdrew, Germany was one of the strongest military forces in the EU. It is realizing the importance of the Indo-Pacific region in its global strategy. India has been seeking to position itself as a “reliable partner” for Germany.

It must be mentioned that the US Secretary of State Pompeo has frequently traveled around Asia recently. 

The US media stated that the US move is aimed at consolidating into this so-called “little NATO” as soon as possible. 

On October 26, local time, Pompeo and US Secretary of Defense Esper went to New Delhi to have a 2+2 meeting with Indian high-level officials. 

The United States and India focused on four themes this time: regional security cooperation, defense information sharing, inter-regional exchanges, and arms trade. 

The two sides also signed a series of military

cooperation agreements.

Germany joins "Little NATO"? A warship is about to go to Indian Ocean
German Minister of Defense

In addition, the United States held a 2+2 meeting with India, and on the other side a large-scale military exercise was held with Japan. 

Recently, the US-Indo-Pacific Command and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces jointly launched the “Lee Sword-21” military exercise in Okinawa and Kagoshima, and more than 46,000 soldiers participated in the exercise. The focus of the exercise is amphibious landing operations. 

The drill will last until November 5. The US stated that the exercise sent a strong signal to neighboring countries.

Why take amphibious landing operations as the focus. CCTV military experts said. This is the result of the US-Japan game. The goal of the United States is to target China, but Japan has gradually cooperated with China in recent years. It would rather cover the exercise goal with a layer of window paper than directly stimulate China. In doing so, Japan also leaves some room for itself.

In this regard, Chinese National Defense Colonel Wu Qian has long stated that China’s recent moves towards the United States and its allies are vividly visible. 

It is hoped that the cooperation between the United States and Asian countries is based on the purpose of increasing regional stability and security, rather than being stubborn and aiming at other countries. The current framework of the US alliance reflects the Cold War mentality.