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Germany holds Covid-19 Summit : Call on people to reduce social contact to a minimum

Germany holds Covid-19 Summit : Call on people to reduce social contact to a minimum

by YCPress

Nov16th German Chancellor Merkel and the governors of the federal states once again held the “Covid-19 Summit” to conduct a mid-term assessment of the new round of “blockade” implemented by the country from November 2 according to the latest changes in the pandemic situation. At the press conference after the summit, Merkel called on the public to “avoid all private celebrations and minimize social contact as much as possible” and announced that the federal government will issue a long-term anti-pandemic program next week.

In the past two weeks, although the number of new infections in a single day in Germany has not continued to increase exponentially, it has remained at a high level. Therefore, many federal states hope to observe the effect of current pandemic prevention measures for one more week, until November 25. Hold a meeting to decide the next step of the pandemic prevention policy. Merkel said that because many federal state governors raised objections to the government’s draft new policy, Germany has not added mandatory pandemic prevention measures this time. 

However, all parties agreed that only family members living together and up to 2 people from another family should be allowed to meet in public; all private celebrations should be avoided before Christmas; unnecessary travel should be cancelled; respiratory diseases or occurrence of respiratory diseases If you have cold symptoms, stay at home and consult a doctor in time; when you visit the elderly and patients in nursing homes or other nursing institutions, you should make sure that you do not have any symptoms of Coronavirus in the near future; from December, high-risk groups such as the elderly and patients can buy at a cheaper price Up to 15 FFP2 masks, the difference will be subsidized by the federal government.

It is worth mentioning that under the insistence of opposition, a series of clauses of the new government policy draft were not passed on that day, including: halving the number of students in each class in the school and expanding the obligation of masks; children and young people can only spend their leisure time See a regular friend; citizens need to isolate for 5 to 7 days when they have cold symptoms such as runny nose and cough. 

Merkel is extremely dissatisfied with this and believes that the German pandemic is still a long way from reaching the turning point and that the pandemic prevention restrictions must be further tightened. She also revealed that the participants at the next summit will focus on discussing how to reduce the risk of infection in schools and whether the catering industry and cultural and leisure venues should be allowed to reopen in December.