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A cluster infection broke out in an ice cream factory in Germany. Nearly a quarter of employees were diagnosed.

Germany has confirmed 150 cases of Variant strains, and will impose entry restrictions on countries with severe pandemic.

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January 30 Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health announced on the 29th local time that 150 cases of COVID-19 Variant strains have been confirmed so far in the country.

According to German media reports, in order to prevent Variant strains from appearing in many parts of the world from further spreading into Germany and spreading within Germany, the German government will restrict passenger transportation from Britain, Ireland, Portugal and other countries from the 30th.

The German Federal Ministry of Health announced the figure at a press conference held in Berlin on the same day.

Of the 150 confirmed cases so far, 120 are the first “B.1.1.7” infection found in the United Kingdom.

Variant strains, 18 of which were diagnosed last year and 102 were confirmed this month.

Another 27 cases were infected with a Variant strain first found in South Africa.

The remaining three cases were infected with the Variant strain first found in Brazil.

Willer, director of the Robert Koch Institute of German federal disease control agency, warned on the same day that although the number of newly diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in Germany has fallen every day, the number of cases of Variant strains and cluster infections is increasing.

He said that little is still known about Variant strains, and it is still unclear whether people who have been vaccinated or infected with COVID-19 will be infected with Variant strains again.

German media, including Deutsche Telefschland, reported on the same day that the German federal cabinet has passed a resolution to impose entry restrictions on passengers of various passenger vehicles such as flights, trains, buses and ships between Germany from countries with high infectious Variant strains spreading from the 30th.

Among them, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil outside the EU will be restricted from the 30th.

From the 31st, African countries Lesotho and Swaziland will also join the list of restricted countries.

It is reported that the relevant ban is expected to be implemented until February 17.

People with German nationality and foreigners residing in Germany can still enter Germany from these countries.

Persons transiting to third countries in Germany and cargo transportation are also exempted.

According to the real-time data of Time Online in Germany, as of 20:18 local time on the 29th, Germany has confirmed a total of 2,03,587, 1898,177 cured and 57,046 deaths.

As of that day, Germany had received 2,216,127 doses of coronavirus vaccine, and 41646 people had received a second dose.