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German Ministry of Health: Variant COVID-19 is spreading rapidly

Germany begins to order a 2022 vaccine. Local leaders suggest that a Chinese vaccine be approved.

by YCPress

January 31 – German Health Minister Jens Spahn revealed on Saturday (30th) that the country has begun to order a vaccine for 2022, because it may need to increase doses in the future due to the spread of Variant coronavirus.

According to Reuters on the 31st, Spahn said in a video conference for medical staff on the 30th that Germany is currently ordering a vaccine for 2022, and at least part of it must be obtained first, because no one knows whether the amount of vaccines or inoculated with fortifiers in the future to maintain immunity to the novel coronavirus must be advanced. Purchase vaccines as a preventive measure.

Spahn said that 2.3 million of the 83 million German population have been vaccinated with the first dose of vaccine, but European governments have been quite headaches in the face of vaccine shortages due to the sudden announcements of production cuts made by vaccine manufacturers such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Modena. The German government has set up a new vaccination task force, and it is also expected to convene a vaccine conference with federal and local government representatives, pharmaceutical factories and EU representatives on the 1st.

Germany, Europe’s second largest economy, stagnated during the second blockade in November. Many Germans envied the faster vaccination speed of Britain, Israel and other countries. The German federal government continued to accept criticism of the slow vaccination.

German media described the government vaccine plan as a “sandal”. According to public opinion polls, people’s satisfaction with the government’s epidemic prevention has dropped to 49%, the lowest since the epidemic.

The meeting of the new vaccination working group came before some powerful regional leaders in Germany also expressed dissatisfaction with the federal epidemic prevention and control measures.

Bavarian Governor Markus Soeder has made a new proposal, asking the federal government to allow the state to have a more say in vaccine supply to the groups most in need.

“We need an emergency vaccine economy and the country has clear rules,” Soder said, calling on authorities to consider approving Chinese and Russian vaccines used in other European countries.

It is reported that as of the 30th, Germany has 13,321 new cases and 794 deaths in a single day, with a total of more than 2.21 million confirmed cases and 56,000 deaths.

Although the number of cases per 100,000 people has dropped by 3 to 91 in the past seven days. The government said the number must be below 50 to prevent hospitals from overwhelmed.

In addition, Germany’s Home Office said that it is now preparing to impose entry restrictions on passengers from the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa due to growing domestic concerns about Variant viruses.