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German MP: abandoning the “North Stream-2” project is tantamount to suicide

by YCPress

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency on January 3, Valdemar Gert, a member of the German Bundestag International Committee, said in a comment on Russian “360°” television that under the condition of gradually closing the German nuclear power plant, the possible abandonment of Russia’s “North Stream-2” project is tantamount to “suicide”, and Very “absurd”.

“Giving up on the ‘North Stream-2’ project is suicide, and there will be a huge energy gap,” Gert explained. The North Creek-2′ project, even if it exists, cannot meet Germany’s energy needs.

So imagine what if we don’t even start this?” In addition, Gert believes that giving up nuclear energy is also a serious problem for Germany. He said that the decision to close the nuclear power plant was made in a “green (anti-nuclear) hysteria background”.

Gert said in an earlier interview with the Russian Satellite News Agency that he believed that no matter how the new and old authorities of the United States reacted, the pipeline construction would be completed.

Gert said, “No matter what the situation is like in the United States, one thing is consistent: I am extremely reluctant to see the relationship between Russia and Germany stable, constructive and commercial.

No matter what the new and old governments of the United States do, the construction of the North Creek-2 project will be completed. He believes that based on the energy market situation, the German government has no choice but to support Russian projects.