Home Politics Georgia Secretary of State, who was pressured by Trump’s phone to “find votes”, said again.
Georgia Secretary of State, who was pressured by Trump's phone to "find votes", said again.

Georgia Secretary of State, who was pressured by Trump’s phone to “find votes”, said again.

by YCPress

After being exposed by many American media that he was pressured by Trump to “find votes”, Brad Raffensperger, a Republican state secretary of Georgia, made such a statement in an interview on the 4th local time. He also said that the conversations between Trump and him and election officials may create conflicts of interest and need to be investigated.

According to NBC, Raffensperger was interviewed by ABC’s Good Morning America on the 4th. Asked if he had any conversations with Trump before the above call, Raffensberg replied, “I never thought it was appropriate to talk to the president [the content of the election].”

Raffensperger continued, but in the end, the phone incident happened, driven by White House staff. He also added that he would “prefer not to talk to people during the litigation”. Rafinsperger refers to a lawsuit filed by the Trump team against Georgia over the election, the report said.

“We talked and talked. He said more, and we listened to it. Raffensperger said, “But I really want to make my point that the data he has is completely wrong.”

Raffensperger added: “Obviously, we debunked all the (fraud) claims that came into being early on, but President Trump continues to believe them.”

NBC said that in the two months after the election, the White House made 18 calls from the switchboard to let Raffinsberg talk to Trump, and Raffensberg answered the phone last Saturday afternoon, according to Georgia Republicans familiar with knowledge.

According to British Reuters, several American media released an hour-long recording of the call on Sunday, about Trump’s “pressure” Raffensperger to “find” enough votes to overturn his defeat in the state.

According to the recording and The Washington Post, Raffensperger and the general counsel completely rejected Trump’s claim and told the president that he believed the “conspiracy theories” that were widely circulated on social media but had been debunked, and that the election itself was fair and accurate.

After the call was exposed, Trump tweeted that Rafinsperger was “unwilling or unable to answer questions such as ‘private voting’, fraud, vote destruction, out-of-state ‘voters’, deceased voters.

He doesn’t know at all!” Raffensperger then retweeted Trump’s tweet and responded: “With all due respect, President Trump: You are not telling the truth. The truth will come eventually.