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Georgia recounts the votes and Biden leads with 12,284 votes

by YCPress

Houston, November 19th Georgian election officials confirmed that the Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president had manually recounted all legitimate votes in the state’s 2020 US presidential election. Biden’s votes in Georgia surpassed the Republican presidential candidate and current President Trump.

According to the Associated Press, according to Georgia’s electoral laws, if a candidate’s vote gap is less than 0.5%, they can choose to recount their votes. Georgia Secretary of State Ravensberg announced last week that it would launch a “risk limit audit”, and a manual recount will be conducted on November 13. The state received about 5 million votes.

An audit report issued by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office on the 19th stated that the recount results showed that Biden was ahead of Trump in Georgia with 12,284 votes. Prior to this audit, the state’s vote count showed that Biden led by about 0.3%, with a gap of 14,007 votes between the two candidates. The Secretary of State of Georgia issued a statement on the 19th, saying that after re-counting, the final votes of most counties in the state remained unchanged.

According to the CBS report, during the recount, election officials discovered that more than 5,800 ballots in the four counties of the state had not been counted in the initial ballot count. During the audit, electors counted these votes, and the results showed that Trump won nearly 1,400 votes in these four counties. Trump said the discovery was evidence of illegal conduct in the election. Georgia officials emphasized that this was caused by human error and did not indicate fraud or vote manipulation.

According to CNN, Georgia must certify the audit results of all 159 counties in the state before November 20. After the result is verified, if the vote gap is still within 0.5%, the losing campaign team can request a recount. The recount will use a scanner to read and count the votes, and the county will pay for it.

In the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Republican candidate Trump defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton by 5% in Georgia. And the last Democratic presidential candidate who got a majority of votes in Georgia was Bill Clinton, who ran for election in 1992.