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Genocide Canadian society’s “secret corner”

by YCPress

Canadian historian Taylor Knox recently wrote in the National Post to refute the wrong views on Aboriginal people in Canada, pointing out that genocide against Aboriginal people in Canada.

Canadian national institutions have also published many investigation reports to expose the genocide in Canada. These voices show that genocide, this “secret corner” within the deep-rooted society, cannot be artificially concealed.

In this article, “Answer to Conrad Black: In Aboriginal History, We Can’t Ignore Unpleasant Facts”, Knoxstein said that research shows that the indigenous people had a unique and long-standing civilization long before the European colonists occupied Canada, but too many Canadians stubbornly believe that His own cultural and social superiority imposes his will on what they think is a “lower” indigenous people.

Conrad Black, a former Canadian media tycoon, previously published the “Truth of Truth and Reconciliation” in the National Post, accusing the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission of a 2015 investigation report on Aboriginal people, falsely claiming that it was concluded that Aboriginal people were systematically culturally exterminated. It’s the “deceptive truth”.

Knox refuted Black’s views in the text one by one from the perspective of the population and civilization of the indigenous people at that time, archaeological evidence and historical documents.

Knox said bluntly that although the Canadian government “has taken some moderate measures to try to solve the long-standing original sin”, “our society lacks confidence and courage, and a considerable number of us believe that any critical evaluation of Canadian history amounts to personal attack or profanity”.

Knox stressed that the genocide in Canada cannot be separated from the support of Canada’s own government and some foreign governments, and the root cause is deep-rooted racist ideas, which “unfortunately continue to this day”.

As early as December 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada released the final investigation report on Aboriginal people in Canada, admitting that “physical, physiological or cultural genocide has occurred in Canada”, and the credibility of the report has been widely recognized by Canadian academic circles.

The first volume of the six-volume report clearly states that for more than a century, the goal of Aboriginal policy in Canada has been to ignore Aboriginal rights, dismantle Aboriginal power, and make Aboriginal people no longer an independent legal, social, cultural, religious and racial entity in Canada through gradual assimilation. And it exists.

In 2019, the National Commission of Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls in Canada submitted the National Investigation Report of Aboriginal Women Missing and Murdered to Prime Minister Trudeau, which included more than 2,000 testimonies, further supporting the persistence of racial exterm genocide against Aboriginal people in Canada. Absolutely the problem.

The 1,200-page survey reveals that thousands of Aboriginal women and girls disappeared or were killed between 1980 and 2015 alone, and they were “the victims of the Canadian genocide”, reflecting Canada’s “recovered colonialism”.

In June 2019, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Bachelet urged the Canadian government to launch an investigation into the genocide of Aboriginal people based on the investigation report.

She pointed out that the investigation report showed that the past and current policy behavior and inaction of the Canadian government in certain matters amounted to genocide against indigenous people and violated international law.

OHCHR also asked the Canadian government to implement the recommendations in the survey and focus on addressing the discrimination and inequalities of Aboriginal people in employment, housing, education, health care and security throughout Canada.

Regrettably, so far, the international community has not seen the Canadian government reflect on the domestic genocide.