Home LifestyleHealth Genius music producer Spett died in prison due to the coronavirus and was sentenced to 19 years for shooting an actress.
Genius music producer Spett died in prison due to the coronavirus and was sentenced to 19 years for shooting an actress.

Genius music producer Spett died in prison due to the coronavirus and was sentenced to 19 years for shooting an actress.

by YCPress

January 16, 2021 local time, Phil Spector, the most arbitrary genius producer in pop music history, died of complications of the novel coronavirus in a prison at the age of 81.

Please pay attention to the amount of information in this sentence:

Do whatever you want, talented producer, 81 years old, died in prison…

Yes, he is a genius and a devil.

In terms of musical achievements, Spett has many titles.

Music Daniel, hot single manufacturer, devil producer who has influenced countless musicians…

Here in him, music creation that others find difficult to ascend to the sky is a piece of cake.

Producer, in the popular concept, has always been regarded as a person hiding behind the scenes. If you don’t believe it, for example, Jay Chou knows how to cut it, but can you remember who is the producer behind his songs?

But Speyt is different. As a producer, he was more popular than all the hot stars at that time.

Take Back to Mono as an example. This album is not a single anthology of a band or singer, but a collection of many great singers and musicians.

It is strange to see that the main credit of this record is attributed to Spett, who is a producer, both in terms of attribution and actual perception in the music industry.

Not only that, but he broke all the rules like a devil–

He re-established a standard of producer: as a comprehensive controller, the producer is not recorded or started, and the producer is the person who goes on adventure with the singer (and adventures according to Lao Tzu’s idea).

Yes, he proved with his strength that the star bosses were right to listen to him. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989, and the Washington Times listed Spett as the second largest music producer in the world in 2008.

Some netizens said that if you have to find someone who targets Spitter in the Chinese music world, I’m afraid there may be only… Li Zongshengge…

Of course, genius is not blown out. In addition to these glorys given to him by the outside world, he has a more awesome invention in history – the wall of sound.

The invention of sound wall began in the 1960s, when everyone rushed to optimize their popular song lyrics, Sputter sat in the Los Angeles studio, thinking about a big thing:

I want to make the sound quality of all pop songs better.

Do what you want! He let countless keyboardists play the piano together, and strangely let five or six electric guitarists play the same fragment…

When the recording is over, his work is even more heavy–to adjust the volume of different levels of sound and stitch together…

All this was done by madmen in the eyes of the public at that time.

However, genius is genius, and he succeeded.

The overlap of tracks makes ordinary pop music as mellow and full as classical music; in the meantime, the volume of music fluctuates with the rhythm because of Spert’s mixing.

At this point, pop music has a heavy tone, and this invention is a sound wall.

Spey’s sound wall has influenced the direction of pop music for an entire generation.

Next, Mr. America will give you a simple example.

Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is familiar to everyone. The most powerful part, the opera part, is inspired by Spett’s sound technology.

Of course, in addition to the invention of sound wall, he is also an excellent producer.

Without Spey, there would be no Beatles’ Let It Be.

Without Speyt, there would be no Lennon’s Imagine.

In a word, many old European and American music songs that everyone has feelings have to do with him. Even now, many songs still benefit from the sound wall.

His promotion and influence on music production reform far outweis that of many music superstars.

However, for Speyt, compared with his achievements in music, it may be more well known as his other identity – the murderer.

That’s why he died in prison.

In February 2003, actress Lana Clarkson was shot dead at Spett’s home in California.

Speart’s explanation for the incident is that they were playing games, and Lana was kissing his revolver barrel only to have an accident at the runoff.

But later the forensic doctor found bruises on Lana’s tongue, indicating that the gun was forced into her mouth.

After six years of evidence collection and investigation, Spett was charged with second-degree murder in 2009 and sentenced to 19 years in prison.

Later, Spett’s experience was adapted to be adapted to the screen of the same name, starring Al Pacino, the “godfather”.

This result is not surprising to those who know Speyt.

Not only in his own home, but also in Sputter’s workplace, “shoot at a word” has long been his most prominent symbol in the studio where he is good at.

In 1977, Speyt had an argument with famous musician Leonard Cohen. Speyt stood up and pointed a gun at Cohen’s head until the other party agreed to do what he did.

This is not the first time Cohen has faced this desperate situation:

One night, Sputter held a pistol in one hand and a red wine in the other, swung around the studio and finally walked to Cohen. He put one arm on Cohen’s shoulder, put his arms tightly around him, and then put the barrel against his neck. “I love you, Cohen,” Spett said.

Cohen replied, “I hope so too.”

Of course, Cohen is not the only one who is pointed at a gun by Spett.

When John Lennon was working with Speart to record his 1975 album, Lennon had an argument with him. He shot the ceiling, and then Lennon shut up.

“If you want to kill me, then kill me. But don’t touch my ear. I need them,” said Lennon, who was frightened.

Debbie Harry, the lead singer of the band Blondes and the legendary rock goddess, once found Speyte and wanted him to make a comeback album for her. Unexpectedly, Sputter took out his pistol and stuffed it into her boot tube.

“Bang!” Spitter himself pretended to make a sound of shooting, and Debbie Harry said that she was scared to leave there at the fastest speed in her life.

In a sense, it can be said that Spitter pointed a gun at every top artist in the industry at that time.

“Fire at the first word”, to which Spett himself explained that these guns were to protect themselves.

Born in New York in 1939, Speight was born one morning when he was eight years old, instead of going to work, his father, who left his car on the road as usual, committed suicide in the car… This incident hit the young Spitter hard. In 1953, his mother moved to Los Angeles, California with her family.

He is a person with a strong sense of insecurity. Speight is about 1.65 meters tall, so he often wears shoes with a heel of two inches (about 5 centimeters) high to increase his height.

Although Speyt was not diagnosed with mental illness, she claimed that she was relatively insane to some extent, “I am my own biggest enemy”.

Sputter’s obsession with guns began in his adolescence, when he was often bullied and beaten.

Later, the gun gradually became not only a self-defense guy for Spear, but also an indispensable part of himself. Some people even think that guns have become part of his daily collocation.

After Speyter’s death, some media commented:

He is one of the greatest music producers of the 20th century and one of the darkest people.

On social media, Inspert’s death also reminds people of the actress who was shot again ↓

In memory and summarizing his life, his ex-wife said:

“As I said while he was alive, he was a great producer, but a bad husband.

Unfortunately, Phil can’t live and work outside the studio.

As night fell, many people’s lives were hurt.

Every time I hear the music we create together, I still and always smile, and the music will always flow.”

Perhaps his existence only confirms one sentence: there is only a line between genius and devil.