Home Business G20 summit Many people praised China for its responsibility for common development.
G20 summit Many people praised China for its responsibility for common development.

G20 summit Many people praised China for its responsibility for common development.

by YCPress

Saudi scholars said that during its presidency of the G20, Saudi Arabia has repeatedly called for enhanced cooperation and joint response to the epidemic. President Xi Jinping’s speech coincided with the Saudi Arabian propositions and showed the mainstream voice of the international community.

Hazel Said, a Saudi scholar on China: President Xi’s speech coincides with Saudi Arabia’s ideas in many places. Both countries equally support the multilateral international system. Since the beginning of the epidemic, China has played an important role in international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic, fully displaying the image of a responsible power, providing assistance to many countries and sending many medical expert groups.

In the speech and initiative of the Chinese President of China, especially the expression of supporting the fair and effective distribution of vaccines, it is not only a reflection of China’s continued adherence to international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic, but also a reflection of China’s adherence to an open foreign policy.

Many people said that President Xi’s speech showed an accurate judgment of the world economic situation and continued to contribute China’s wisdom to global economic governance. At the same time, it will continue to promote multilateralism and help global cooperation.

Saudi economist Turki Fadeag: It is extremely important to advocate policies to promote international trade in this special period while opposing the protectionist policies of some countries. In particular, encouraging trade facilitation measures will be of great benefit in mitigating the negative impact of the epidemic on national economies. China’s economic recovery drives the recovery of the world economy. It can also be said that China’s economy is like a train leading the world economy.

Zubair Quresi, senior reporter of Pakistan’s Observer: President Xi Jinping has drawn up a new road map for the post-epidemic era. He suggested that everyone should take relevant measures, such as promoting artificial intelligence cooperation, promoting reform, helping each other, and working together to benefit every country in a more inclusive way. I think every country should take action.

Patricio Giusto, Executive Chairman of the China-Arab Strategic Cooperation Observatory in Argentina: President Xi stressed the importance of multilateralism, and all countries in the world should abide by the regulatory framework of the United Nations World Health Organization. His speech also focused on solving specific problems, such as how to stimulate economic development and establish an international mutual recognition machine for health codes. Cooperation in manufacturing and artificial intelligence technology.

Luciana Santos, Lieutenant Governor of Pernambuco, Brazil: We are in favor of globalization based on cooperation, and we sincerely hope that we can restore the multilateralist line. We believe that there will still be a need for a larger-scale dialogue and more openness and mutual understanding. I believe that China is working hard to achieve this noble goal and to realize the common interests of mankind and a more just world.