Home Business From Canton Fair To China International Import Expo witness the highest opening level in China
From Canton Fair To China International Import Expo witness the highest opening level in China

From Canton Fair To China International Import Expo witness the highest opening level in China

by YCPress

These are three special events held in succession during the “special” period. In 2020, the sudden Coronavirus Pandemic will bring severe impact and severe damage to all countries. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of Pandemic prevention, the China Canton Fair, the Service Trade Fair, and the China International Import Expo Held as scheduled.

This is a powerful action in the context of increasing “uncertain” factors-despite the increasing uncertainties of the world economy, China is still accelerating the pace of opening up, adding sustained impetus to the recovery of the world economy.

Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and the Yangtze River Delta, the most dynamic regions of China’s economy, will sing a chorus of mutual progress between China and the world in the form of international exhibitions.

Canton Fair Open

Canton Fair Open From bringing digital cultural and creative products to the Service Trade Fair, to deeply participating in and supporting the all-round upgrade of the “cloud platform” of the Canton Fair, to the introduction of Nintendo’s sporting goods and competition areas in the consumer goods exhibition area at this CIIE, as an Internet leader, Tencent participated in these three events in a year.

“The three events have become an important platform for communication and cooperation between China and the world.” said Zhang Lijun, vice president of Tencent and general manager of East China headquarters. Especially when the Pandemic is still raging around the world, the successful hosting of these three international exhibitions in China is even more significant. .

In 2020, the Service Trade Fair will be held in Beijing, and the two Canton Fairs have successfully “moved to the cloud”, and the third CIIE will be held as scheduled. The three major international exhibitions will be held for the first time, and China will build bridges to expand foreign cooperation. Released the signal to pursue a higher level of opening up.

In the 2020 Service Trade Conference, President Xi Jinping put forward new measures and new propositions to deepen the opening up and cooperation of the service industry, giving China a higher level of opening up new connotations: “China will unswervingly expand opening up and establish a sound cross-border service trade negative list management system , To promote the construction of an open platform for the innovative development of service trade, continue to relax market access for the service industry, and actively expand the import of high-quality services.”

At the Shanghai International Import Expo, President Xi Jinping once again uttered the strongest voice of China’s opening up to the world: “Next, China will uphold the belief of openness, cooperation, unity, and win-win, and unswervingly expand its opening up in an all-round way.”

The “Canton Fair on the Cloud” successfully held in the spring and autumn seasons, with tens of thousands of live webcast rooms and hundreds of millions of “cloud negotiations”, demonstrated to the world China’s open pace in overcoming difficulties.

China is embracing the world with open arms with a higher level of opening up.

As the world’s first national-level exhibition with the theme of imports, the CIIE has always been a window for the world to observe China’s opening. Throughout the three CIIE speeches by President Xi Jinping, “open” is the highest frequency word that remains unchanged, with an average of 32 occurrences per show.

“We will never engage in construction behind closed doors, but build a new pattern of development on the premise of greater intensity and higher levels of openness.” said Wang Yiming, member of the Economic Committee of the 13th CPPCC National Committee.

Build a global platform for mutual benefit and win-win

Flying back and forth for more than 60 hours, a total of 28 days of isolation, multiple nucleic acid tests… Sebastian Bundayan flew to Shanghai from far away Argentina to participate in the third CIIE on time.

“Participating in the CIIE during the special period is costly, but the Chinese market is too important.” Bundayan said.

There is the Canton Fair in the south, the China International Import Expo in the north, and the Trade Fair in the north-the business cards of China’s opening up to the outside world, building a mutually beneficial and win-win platform to inject momentum and vitality into the recovery of the world economy.

At this CIIE, the “World Premiere” and “China First Exhibition” were dizzying, and the public health and Pandemic prevention zone established for the first time was in short supply.

On the first day of the CIIE, Pfizer officially launched a series of innovative products “the only one in the world” and the “first show in China”.

Wu Kun, chief operating officer of Pfizer Biopharmaceutical Group in China, said that he hopes to use the global trade exchange platform of CIIE to integrate into China’s “double cycle” stage.

Under the background of economic globalization, the economies of various countries are interdependent, and the integration of interests has never been seen before. Treating each other with sincerity and sharing benefits is the fundamental strategy.

“China will continue to support enterprises from various countries to expand business opportunities in China through open platforms such as the China International Import Expo.” President Xi Jinping emphasized at the opening ceremony of the third China International Import Expo.

“China will make full use of various platforms such as the China International Trade in Services Fair and the China International Import Expo to promote policy and experience exchanges, establish and cultivate diversified partnerships among governments, international organizations, business associations, and enterprises, and support the formation of a global The Service Trade Alliance has continuously formed more pragmatic cooperation results so that people of all countries can share the fruits of service trade growth.” President Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech at the 2020 Service Trade Conference.

In the first three quarters of this year, the total value of China’s import and export of goods trade increased by 0.7% year-on-year, and for the first time the cumulative growth rate during the year turned from negative to positive.

The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Malape said that as an important platform for international trade, the CIIE will undoubtedly open up new space for the development of all countries, share the development opportunities brought by China’s economic recovery and growth, and contribute to global trade and economic development under the current difficult situation. Development provides impetus.

Help shape a new development pattern

In 2020, the “13th Five-Year Plan” will end soon, and the new chapter of the “14th Five-Year Plan” will be opened.

China is about to embark on a new journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country. Entering a new stage of development and adapting to the new situation and needs, China has clearly defined the “construction drawings” for accelerating the construction of a new development pattern in the new blueprint for the next 5 and 15 years.

“To adapt to the new situation and new requirements, we propose to build a new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles mutually promoting each other. This is by no means a closed domestic cycle, but a more open domestic and international dual cycle, not just China itself Development needs, and will better benefit the people of all countries.” President Xi Jinping pointed out.

From the Canton Fair, the Service Trade Fair to the China International Import Expo, China is open to press the “accelerator key”——

China continues to expand imports, and the growth rate of imports of goods and services in the past year has been significantly higher than the global average;

The Negative List of Foreign Investment Access has repeatedly “slimned down”, and the Negative List of Foreign Investment Access nationwide has been reduced from 40 in 2019 to 33 today;

The pilot free trade zone has been “enclosed” many times, from 18 last year to 21. The overall plan for the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port and the implementation plan for Shenzhen to further expand reform and opening up have been released and implemented…

From the Canton Fair, the Service Trade Fair, to the CIIE, China continues to expand its new development pattern——

Further reduce tariffs and improve customs clearance facilitation; accelerate the introduction of foreign investment laws and regulations; add a new area of ​​China Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone…

Pay more attention to the role of imports, further reduce tariffs and institutional costs; accelerate the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, and create a new highland of opening…

Continue to relax market access for the service industry and actively expand the import of high-quality services; establish a free trade pilot zone featuring technological innovation, open service industry, and digital economy, and build a high-level open platform for the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei…

Different international cooperation platforms, China’s commitment to openness to the world have all been implemented.

Build a new highland of opening up, promote the innovative development of foreign trade, continue to optimize the business environment, and deepen bilateral, multilateral, and regional cooperation…President Xi Jinping once again introduced pragmatic measures in the keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the third CIIE.

Former WTO Director-General Azevedo highly affirmed China’s efforts to promote open cooperation: this is not limited to holding one or two exhibitions, but will be transformed into a continuous process, which is a very positive result.