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French terrorist attack: the woman fought with the murderer before she was killed and escaped several times to warn others

by YCPress

Overseas Network, October 31st. On the 29th local time, a shocking knife attack occurred at the Notre Dame Cathedral in the French city of Nice. One of the three victims was beheaded and one was cut. The suspect was hit by the police. To arrest. According to family members, the third deceased was hit with several knives after confronting the assailant, but managed to escape from the church and warned the surrounding people.

According to the British “Daily Mail” on the 31st, the deceased was named Simone Silva, born in Brazil and a 44-year-old mother. “My sister was on her way to work, passing by the church and going in to pray.”

Her sister told the media, “She fought the assailant. Although she was stabbed several times, she escaped from the church and asked for help. The police warned everyone around before they arrived.”

Silva’s family members stated that she avoided a greater tragedy with her own kindness and “dead like a warrior”. It is understood that Silva escaped from the church to a nearby restaurant after being injured. 

Nice attack with a knife at the site (Reuters)

Witnesses said: “She was still able to speak at the time and tell everyone (in the church) there are people.” Although Silva managed to escape from the church, she died of injuries later. The last thing she said to the emergency personnel was “Tell my children I love them.”

After the incident, the Brazilian Embassy in France stated that it was providing necessary help to Silva’s family. The embassy statement stated: “Brazil firmly opposes all motives and forms of terrorist acts, and reaffirms its commitment to combat and eradicate these evil acts.”

France has raised its anti-terrorism alert level to the highest (Reuters)

In addition to the knife attack in Nice, there were also many attacks against France on the 29th. A man in Avignon, France, tried to attack the police and was killed on the same day. Another man was arrested while holding a long knife in the streets of Lyon.

In addition, a guard of the French Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was also stabbed and the suspect has been arrested. In view of the current situation, French Prime Minister Castel has announced that the anti-terrorism alert level in the whole law will be raised to the highest level.