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Macron says the United States and France agree to "solve" the U.S. subsidy problem

French president Emmanuel Macron meets with u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson

by YCPress

Paris, Oct. 5 2021 french president Emmanuel Macron met with visiting u.s. secretary of state john blinken at the elysee palace on oct. 5 to discuss how to restore trust after the crisis in franco-u.s. relations. french media pointed out that france on the visit of blinken to france carried out a “cold treatment.”

a press release from the elysee palace said Macron met with blinken to discuss “restoring trust between france and the united states.” france and the united states will continue to strengthen coordination on cooperation between the european union and nato, the sahel in africa and the indo-pacific issue.

according to french media reports, blinken’s trip to paris is a pre-game for Macron and u.s. president joe biden to meet in europe at the end of october to further ease relations between the two countries. but france was “not enthusiastic” about blinken’s visit, and the president’s schedule for the day was not scheduled to meet with blinken. french foreign minister jean-yselbion did not hold a joint press conference after talks with blinken that morning.

pascal boniface, president of the french institute of international relations and strategy, told french media that france must get rid of its “naïve fantasy” of the united states and “see that although we have strategic alliances with it, it is an economic competitor that uses unfair means”.

the united states, britain and australia announced on september 15th the establishment of a new trilateral security partnership, the united states and britain will support the australian navy to establish a nuclear submarine force, australia will work with the united states and britain to build nuclear submarines in australia. australia has also tore up tens of billions of dollars in submarine bills with the french naval group. france announced on september 17th that it was recalling its ambassadors to the united states and australia.

but Macron 22 and u.s. president joe biden on the relationship between the two countries and other issues after the telephone decision, the french ambassador to the united states will return to the united states next week. in a recent question-and-answer session in the french senate, mr. le drian said that france-u.s. relations were experiencing a “serious” crisis, and that although dialogue had resumed, the crisis was not over.