Home Politics French Mirage 2000 fighter jets attacked Mali, and Indian media made sense: it could be a warning to China ?
French Mirage 2000 fighter jets attacked Mali, and Indian media made sense: it could be a warning to China ?

French Mirage 2000 fighter jets attacked Mali, and Indian media made sense: it could be a warning to China ?

by YCPress

According to Indian media reports, the French side issued a statement earlier this month that it had killed 50 terrorists in operations related to Mali. During the period, France used the domestic Mirage-2000 fighter planes to carry out air strikes against terrorists. This move was believed by the Indian media that the use of Mirage-2000 fighter planes in the Mali operation was a warning to China because India is now also deployed in the border areas. A lot of Mirage-2000 fighters.

A few days ago, the French Minister of Defense stated that after the recent attacks in France, the French army has been attacking terrorists more and more severely, and the air force has also shown strong combat courage and will. Not long ago, the French Air Force sent two Mirage-2000 fighters to the Mediterranean area to attack terrorists, with remarkable results. In addition, the French Air Force also dispatched an unmanned aerial vehicle, which is believed to be an MQ-9 unmanned aerial vehicle.

The Mirage-2000 is a fourth-generation fighter independently developed by France. Since its inception, the fighter has achieved a very impressive record and is considered one of the most suitable aircraft in the world. 

In the 1991 Gulf War, the French Mirage-2000 fighter planes and the U.S. U-2 reconnaissance planes performed aerial reconnaissance missions. The Mirage-2000 fighter planes were also seen in the Bosnia and Herzegovina War and the Kosovo War.

At that time, the United States sold a number of F-16 fighters to Pakistan, causing panic in its old enemy India. Then the Indian Air Force quickly purchased a large number of Mirage-2000 fighters from France. After the internal assessment of the Indian Air Force, it was believed that the Mirage-2000 fighter aircraft purchased by India had better performance and better performance than the F-16 fighter aircraft purchased by Pakistan.

The Indian Air Force believes that the Mirage-2000 is the most reliable multi-purpose fighter under any circumstances, and the Indian Air Force has proven it. In the Kargil War in 1999, the Indian Air Force considered the fighter to be a “game changer” because of the excellent performance of the Mirage-2000.

In the conflict at that time, the Indian Air Force used this fighter to launch laser-guided bombs at the Pakistani bunker fortifications, creating a precedent for the Indian Air Force to use guided missiles. Since then, India has carried out a full range of maintenance and upgrades to the Mirage-2000, updated the electronic equipment and weaponry of the fighter, and equipped the fighter with “Mika” air-to-air range missiles. It is worth mentioning that in last year’s Balakot airstrike, India’s Mirage-2000 also fired Spice-2000 guided bombs.

In addition to India, Greece has also purchased the Mirage-2000 fighter, and used it to shoot down a Turkish F-16D fighter, making the Mirage-2000 fighter one of the very few fighters in the world that successfully shot down an F-16.