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French “Celebrity” was sexually assaulted as a step son. The Paris Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation.

by YCPress

Duhamel, a famous French jurist, professor of a famous school and a TV program “red man”, is actually the beast that sexually assaults his underage stepson? After years of silence, Duhamel’s stepdaughter exposed Duhamel’s family scandal of same-sex incest through a new book, which caused an uproar in the French media.

According to a French newspaper Le Monde on the 5th, the Paris Prosecutor’s Office launched a judicial investigation into Duhamel on the same day for “rape and sexual assault on minors”.

Father turned into a cloaked beast

Duhamel, a well-known jurist, aged 71, is a professor at the Paris Institute of Political Science (President Macron’s alma mater, which has produced six French presidents) and the chairman of the National Foundation for French Political Science (an important funder of the Paris Institute of Political Science).

In politics, Duhamel served as an adviser to the chairman of the Constitutional Council and a member of the European Parliament. Duhamel is also active in the cultural world. He is an editor of two publishing houses and has long attended the programs of Eurovision One and LCI TV.

He was a guest at Macron’s victory celebration banquet, and once wrote Macron’s Little Words to analyze Macron’s art of speaking.

However, the new book “The Big Family”, which was released on the 7th, exposed Duhamel’s sensational same-sex incest scandal. T

he book’s author, Duhamel’s stepdaughter Kamiya Kushne, shocked everyone with her vow to “pull her stepfather off the altar”. In the “Big Family” disclosed by the New Observer on the 5th, Kamier said that he and his twin brother Victor (alias) were only 13 years old, and Duhamel often entered Victor’s room before going to bed…

The younger brother said that his stepfather sexually assaulted him. Camille said that his stepfather sexually assaulted his brother many times for two or three years.

In the book, Camille also said that the stepfather had been amiable before.

After his mother Pissier divorced and married Duhamel, Duhamel took his family to the countryside for a holiday, discussed philosophy, watched movies with the children, danced, and said, “You are my children, even more important than my own children.” But no one thought that the kind father who brought ‘utopian’ happiness to the family would later change and do such a thing to his brother.

After years of silence after breaking away from the shackles of reputation, Camille finally summoned up the courage to expose the “family ugliness”.

Silence for the reputation of the prominent family for many years

In the media’s opinion, considering Camille’s family background, the shock brought by this revelation can be described as a “nuclear explosion” level. Camille’s biological father is the famous French politician Couchner.

Kushne, Secretary of State during Chirac’s tenure and Minister for Foreign Affairs in Sarkozy’s cabinet, actively engaged in charity and founded Médecins Sans Frontières.

Camille’s mother, Pisil, is also a well-known writer and jurist. She once had a relationship with former Cuban leader Castro.

In an interview with The New Observer, Camille said that given his family status, reputation and stepfather’s influence, it was extremely difficult to make the incest secret public.

Camille also revealed the truth to his family members, but his mother not only did not blame her stepfather, but also drank heavily and numbed herself.

His younger brother Victor blamed himself for “maybe it’s my fault” and worried that no one would care about exposing his stepfather. When his biological father Kushne learned about this, he was furious and said that he would “crash Duhamel’s face”.

But he didn’t want to reveal his brother’s old scars, but also wanted to maintain his stepfather’s public image. Camille finally chose to be silent.

More than 30 years after the incident, Camille became a lawyer and university law teacher.

She said she knew the weight and legal significance of the revelation, but she still wanted to break the shackles of the “family”.

Father Kushner praised his daughter’s “commeaning courage” to fight against her stepfather with a pen and expressed his full support for her.

Paris prosecutors intervene in the investigation

In the face of the sudden revelations, Duhamel initially refused to reply. He also stressed that the future will not take a stand, “because it is useless”.

But then, Duhamel tweeted, “As a target of personal attack and hoping to defend the reputation of the work unit, I resigned from all positions.” Several TV stations where he previously hosted the program also said that Duhamel would not be invited in the future.

The Figaro newspaper said that the incest news of Duhamel was “a shock wave that shocked society”.

Miyong, president of the Paris Institute of Political Science, issued an announcement on the 5th that he was shocked by the charges against Duhamel.” We strongly condemn all forms of gender discrimination and violence.

Respect for the dignity of the individual and the physical and mental integrity is the fundamental value and principle of the school.

The announcement also reminded students that schools should set up hotlines to answer their possible psychological and sexual violence questions.

Paris prosecutor Haiz announced on the 5th that “in view of the accusations of multiple media articles, the prosecution will investigate Duhamel on the grounds of rape and sexual assault on minors under the age of 15”.

The View said that the case embarrassed former Attorney General Jigu, who was appointed chairman of the Committee to Combat Incest last December, but she had close personal relationship with the Duhamel family, so there were voices calling her to resign.

Jigu argued that although he was close to the victim and the perpetrator, he was unconscious of the incident.

“From the perspective of the personal and the chairman of the Committee on Combating Incest, I want to know what role everyone should play so that the child will not be isolated and unlistened in the face of the perpetrators.”