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Fraud is rampant! The U.S. dark web $25 a "negative certificate" can also "buy two get one free"

Fraud is rampant! The U.S. dark web $25 a “negative certificate” can also “buy two get one free”

by YCPress

The COVID-19 epidemic is still raging in many parts of the world. In order to restore normal social order to normal social order as soon as possible, many countries have issued regulations on participation in large-scale events, travel, etc., such as the need to hold a certificate of vaccination against the novel coronavirus or a certificate of negative test for the novel coronavirus. However, this allows some outlaws to take advantage of the loopholes. According to several U.S. media reports recently, in recent months, there have been a large number of fake U.S. vaccination cards and negative coronavirus certificates on the dark web.

According to the report, recently, advertising related to the coronavirus vaccine has increased significantly on the dark web, up to thousands.

Mark, head of the network security company: Since December last year, the relevant content has increased by 300%.

A survey report by the network security company Cut Point Software shows that a fake U.S. vaccination card sells for $150 on the dark web and supports Bitcoin payment. “Not everyone is willing to get a coronavirus vaccine, but we can provide proof that they’ve been vaccinated,” the seller claimed. After the investigator contacted the seller, the seller said that he had sold many vaccination cards, and so far there has been no problem. He just needs to pay.

In addition to forged COVID-19 vaccination cards, fake COVID-19 negative test certificates are also popular on the dark web, especially favored by some tourists. The survey shows that for only $25, you can get a negative test certificate in 30 minutes, and even the “buy two get one free” discount.

Forged vaccination cards and negative certificates have attracted the attention of some medical workers, who have begun to warn people on social media not to endanger public health and safety for their own self-interest.

Savannah, MD: My aim is to tell everyone through strong medical evidence that public health and patient safety must not be joked.

Investigators also suggest that similar forged certificates may increase in the next few months, and the relevant departments should strengthen screening and crackdown. They also reminded people not to publish their vaccination cards or test certificates on the Internet in case the information flows into the wrong hands.