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Macron talked about the pain of reform in an interview, but did not officially announce his candidacy in next year's French general election.

France tightens immigration controls on India Macron to discuss “unsealing” timetable

by YCPress

April 21 2021 French officials have tightened immigration controls on India and are considering suspending all flights from India. French President Emmanuel Macron met the same day to discuss France’s “unsealing” timetable, “unsealing” details of more specific planning.

French government spokesman Attar 21 on behalf of the official announcement of india to strengthen immigration control. He said India was already on the list of countries with enhanced immigration controls and travellers from India would need to be forcibly quarantined for 10 days upon arrival.

The French government is also considering suspending all flights from India to curb the spread of the variant Coronavirus. France’s BFM television station reported that about 1,900 travellers from India still arrive in France on civilian flights every week.

India’s Coronavirus pandemic has continued to worsen recently, India’s Ministry of Health released on the 21st of the outbreak data show that India on the 21st new confirmed cases of 290,000 cases, a total of 15.61 million confirmed cases, new deaths of 2023 cases, a cumulative death of 182,553 cases. The outbreak in India has raised fears that travellers from India could exacerbate the spread of the variant virus in France.

Macron met that day to discuss the “unsealing” timetable. The government hopes to reduce the number of new confirmed cases a day from the current 30,000 to about 20,000 within a month, so as to facilitate the smooth implementation of the “unsealing” timetable.

Macron has expressed a desire to allow restaurants to serve customers outdoors from mid-May, while allowing cinemas, theatres and museums to reopen as cultural venues, subject to strict restrictions on attendance, AFP reported.

Attar said That France Is Still At The Peak Of The Pandemic, Although The Current Control MeasureS Have Achieved More Obvious Results, But The Pressure On The Health Care System Is Still Very Large, Hospitals To Resume Normal Medical Activities Will Take Some Time.

France’s official outbreak data show that France 21 new confirmed cases 34,968 cases, a cumulative number of confirmed cases 5374,288 cases. The cumulative number of deaths in France is now 101,881, with 313 new deaths. The number of hospital admissions in France is now 31,086, with 5,984 seriously ill patients.