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France officially begins expanding use of "health passes"

France officially begins expanding use of “health passes”

by YCPress

On August 9th, local time, France officially began to expand the use of “health passes” in response to the current fourth wave of coronavirus outbreaks. In fact, from July 21st, French people will be required to show a “health pass” to cultural and entertainment venues with a capacity of more than 50 people, such as museums and cinemas. Today, the measure has been extended to catering, shopping and long-distance transportation.

Although the “Health Pass” bill has been passed by the French Parliament and the Constitutional Council, it has led to several popular demonstrations. On August 7th, local time, more than 230,000 people took to the streets across France to voice their opposition and dissatisfaction with the French government’s move.

However, the French Scientific Committee in the 9th published expert opinions clearly pointed out that the expansion of the use of “health pass” is based on the current outbreak of appropriate measures, the French government should be targeted for this purpose of a large number of publicity and education work. The French Scientific Council also stressed that in addition to getting the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible, the public must still do a good job of personal health protection.