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Four dead and Three injured in armed attack in Ethiopia

by YCPress

Addis Ababa, November 3 Ethiopian local officials said on the 3rd that an armed attack occurred recently in Oromia State in the south-central part of the country, causing 4 deaths and 3 injuries.

On the 3rd, Tadley Udo, the chief executive of the Guji district of Oromia, told the media that an armed attack occurred in the area on the 1st, resulting in the death of 4 construction workers and 3 others injured by shooting.

According to official Ethiopian media reports, the assailant was attacked by armed

personnel of the “Oromo Liberation Army” while building a bridge.

On November 1, there was an armed attack in Oromia State. The attack was mainly aimed at

Amharic people living in Oromiya State. More than 60 attackers took Amharic people from their homes and killed them.

The attack resulted in 32 deaths, including women and children. The Ethiopian government accused the “Oromo Liberation Army” of carrying out the attack.

Ethiopia is a country with a large population in Africa, with more than 80 ethnic groups, of which the Oromo has the largest population, mainly living in Oromia State. 

The second is the Amhara nationality

There are conflicts among some ethnic groups due to land and water sources.