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Fortune-Reading Review

Fortune-Reading Review, What is it ? is Calculation is analysis and calculation. Fate is the fate of man. Together, Fortune-Reading is an analysis of people’s destiny.

Fortune-reading is part of the predictive science of the Book of Changes, it is only a branch of the predictive science of the Book of Changes. From the perspective of forecasting, forecasting theory mainly includes three items: fortune reading, measurement.

Fortune-Reading is limited only to the scope of human destiny. Like Eight Characters, Plum Blossom, and Purple Emblem are all within the scope of forecasting studies.
Fortune-reading Reviews

What is the specific process of fortune-reading ?

What is the specific process of fortune-reading ? first of all, according to the individual’s birth time (the four items of year, month, day, and hour), some specific information such as big luck, small luck, and fleeting years must be listed.

Then analyze the hits of the rich, the poor, the poor, the good, the bad, the bad, the fortune, and other information. Finally, inform the test taker the relevant information. This is Fortune-Reading.

What is the ultimate goal of fortune-reading ?

What is the ultimate goal of fortune-reading ? At present, 90% of the masters in the society accurately infer the wealth, the poor, the poor, the auspicious, evil, misfortune, and other information as the highest level.

fortune reading crushes review

fortune reading crushes review In other words, if one person’s information is predicted and then told to the other person, the prediction process is over. For example, whether there is wealth or no wealth in the hit, whether it is longevity or early death, and whether there will be accidental injuries in the future, and so on.

In fact, this is wrong, which is the same as the doctor only Reading the patient the condition without prescribing medication. A true numerologist must first analyze the unfavorable factors in the hit, and then adjust it and finally improve the destiny of the person, so that life can develop to the best side. Such predictions are the most instructive for a person’s life.

Fortune-Reading Review

True numerology must first infer the good or bad luck of a hit, and then find out the reasons for the good and bad, why is it good? Why is it fierce? If the root cause of good or bad is found, then we can avoid bad luck and improve the unfavorable factors.

This is the combination of comprehension, prediction, and decision-making. The real numerology is the result of the integration of comprehension, prediction and decision-making.


Therefore, the ultimate goal of Fortune-Reading is to let people learn to avoid bad luck by analyzing the root causes of good and bad hits. Instead of just Reading others good and bad.

The real Fortune-Reading is not to analyze the bad luck of a hit, but to improve fate and avoid bad luck. The result is not important. What is important is the process and method of improving the fate. The key is to make the ending more perfect.

Fortune-Reading Life Effective

Fortune-Reading Life Effective From the perspective of numerology, everyone is a combination of the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth.

People the five elements. Everyone’s combination of the five elements is different, so everyone’s life trajectory is different. The five elements support and restrict each other.

And if two people are combined, the five elements of the two people will be affected by the influence of the five elements, and the trajectory of their lives will change greatly.

For example, when it comes to marriage, people who have the same five elements get married, their lives will definitely be more happier and happy, and their careers will be more prosperous.

Power of Horoscopes

Some horoscopes are the life of restraining wife if they are analyzed individually, but as long as they encounter the f

ive-element combination of horoscopes that are consistent with oneself, the disadvantages of restraining wife can be solved automatically. This is the power of horoscopes.

There are also some business partners. Since the five elements are complementary to each other, their careers are much smoother than before when they work together.

And for some partners whose five elements are not in harmony, one party always pays more and the other

party reaps the benefits. In the quest for wealth, if the horoscope is used properly, it can

also achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.

How Fortune-Reading Work

All masters who do fortune-reading without asking when they were born are deceptive. Because if you don’t know the time

The main character can’t sort out eight characters, let alone sort out information such as big and small luck and fleeting years. Now that the eight characters cannot be sorted out, there is no basis for analysis.

So 90% of everything that doesn’t ask about the time is a lie, In the process of forecasting

The mouths were full of professional words such as gold in the sea, fire in the furnace, and soil in the sand. 80% of them were warlocks who had no real talents and came out to cheat money after learning a little.

fortune reading crushes

fortune reading crushes If a fortune-reading says that the opponent is strong or weak, hard fortune

or fortune reading, this fortune-reader has a certain level, but it is too far away from the real master.

Because the insiders know that the word “Koff” or “Fate Hard” is nothing to the insiders

but for ordinary people who don’t understand Bazi, it will aggravate their psychological pressure, and sometimes they may live in the shadow of Koff for their entire lives.

Prediction is to point out the direction for others to solve their puzzles. This is actually more confusing, so it is also the most undesirable. Those who really know fate will not say that.

Fortune-Reading Program

Fortune-Reading Program The principle of Fortune-Reading is the restraint of the two and the five elements

which is the comprehensive application of the knowledge of the combination of the natural stems and the

combination of the natural roots and the punishment of the earthly branches. It is the application of the ten heavenly stems and the twelve earthly branches.

At present, many Fortune-Reading in society say that they can predict the past lives of others

and some people say that others are children’s lives and that gods descended from the world.

In fact, these are all fooling the world under the guise, and also fooling oneself. These are undesirable, and they are also true feudal superstitions. Why fortune-reading is not accepted by most people is that it was ruined by this group of bastards.

Fortune-Reading Scam ?

Therefore, to study this we must first take a pragmatic attitude, study on the ground, and then better guide life. As far as the masters of Fortune-Reading in anywhere are concerned, Someone has done the best in this regard.

Although other people have high levels, they also have superstitions. For example, some masters are overwhelmed by their ability to curse disasters. Others regret their lives through horoscope-cutting to give birth to children.

Others think that they can control everything if they are proficient in gossip. As a result, the loss of stocks is similar to that of their grandsons. It is not advisable for a master to write books about zodiac signs and fortune to make money.

I have seen many numerology books, but I have never seen a spell in a book. Regarding the birth of children by caesarean section, the destiny of human beings is congenital, and the situation of children is also destined.

Choosing the time of caesarean section will only be counterproductive. Regarding the use of Fortune-Reading to make money

by trading in stocks, one’s wealth fortune in a person’s life is countable, and it’s useless to use any method if you have no money.

You must know that wealth is bad, and if printing is too controlled, you will have no source, and it is also fierce. Many people learning is the supreme learning, while zodiac signs are the lowest level. Masters of Fortune-Reading learning who talk about zodiac signs will only stain their reputations because of zodiac signs.

Fortune-reading meaning

There is a good saying that books are the ladder of human progress. This sentence from ancient times to the present has his rich cultural meaning and meaning.

But in the development of people’s lives, what kind of book-related things will be encountered? In fact, want to know their future destiny, then you need to analyze their own eight words, in which people need to read books often.

Fortune-reading Reviews

Fortune-reading Reviews exists in the knowledge of a long history, broad and profound, which is the classical philosophy two

and five-line theory branch, folk are used to speculate about the

future in order to find out the fate of the development trajectory.

Confucius: “I don’t know my life, I don’t think of a gentleman.” Yellowstone Gong’s “Vegetarian Book” is also:

“The sage gentleman, clear in the way of prosperity and decline, through the number of success or failure, to judge the situation of chaos, to go to the reason.”

So sneak around and wait for the time. If you do it from now on, you can be a great subject, and if you get the chance to move, you can do it for the last generation. If it doesn’t happen, it’s just nothing.

“That is, the wise should understand the law of prosperity and decline, know the time of success and failure

Examine the good and bad times, know the time to go and go back, grasp the opportunity, in order to seize all aspects of life opportunities.