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Former Israeli Foreign Minister’s Article: Biden cannot reverse the “de-Americanization” of the international order

by YCPress

November 27th that the World Newspaper Syndicate website published an article entitled “Joe Biden’s World Order” by former Israeli Foreign Minister and deputy director of the Toledo International Peace Center in Spain on November 17 that many people expect Joe Biden to take over as the head of the United States. At the time of unification, the American-led international order, the so-called liberal international order, can be saved and even revitalized. But this may be an unrealistic hope. The full text is excerpted as follows:

In less than four years, outgoing US President Donald Trump has done what only a devastating war can do in history: reshaping global order.

Relying on isolationism, arbitrary authoritarianism and outright capriciousness, Trump happily hammered the international system and multilateral organizations that his predecessors had established and maintained on the ruins of World War II. What about now?

Many hope that when President-elect Joe Biden takes over, the liberal international order can be saved and even revitalized. Unfortunately, this is an unrealistic hope. The post-Trump order seems to return to the inter-group competition in 1945 rather than to post-Cold War euphoria.

First, the Biden administration will be busy with tough tasks like healing the domestic wounds Trump has created and correcting America’s major weaknesses. The recovery of the United States from the most divided presidency in history will neither be rapid nor painless. Reforming the United States is a prerequisite for restoring its global leadership.

Even if the Biden administration has unlimited capabilities, time will not turn back. The United States had been withdrawing from global leadership long before Trump took office.

Although Trump’s isolationism is often described as abnormal, it reflects an American mindset that can be traced back to the founding of the People’s Republic. If German submarines had not attacked American merchant ships in 1917, the United States would have been outside World War I.

Equally in the interest of the United States, Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, who Biden served as vice president in his administration, and even George W. Bush, even more, took action to reduce the hegemonic plan in American foreign policy.

The withdrawal of the United States from hegemony reflects Biden’s irreversible history: the United States lost credibility because of its long, costly and fruitless war in the Middle East and the 2008 global financial crisis, which exposed the disadvantages of globalization and the flaws of neoliberal orthodoxy.