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Former Google President: The United States must beat China in artificial intelligence research and development "at all costs"

Indonesia’s Largest Fleet Of Taxis Teams Up To Beat Ride-hailing Apps

by YCPress

According to a report by the US Political News Network on the 15th, Eric Schmidt, the former president of Google and the current chairman of the US Defense Innovation Advisory Committee, said:

The United States urgently needs a national strategy for the development of artificial intelligence technology to deal with With increasingly fierce competition, the United States must abide by the principle of “whatever it takes” to defeat China in artificial intelligence and dominate the global artificial intelligence competition.

On Thursday, in an interview with reporters at the Artificial Intelligence Summit hosted by U.S. Political News Network, Schmidt outlined proposals for countering the rise of “Asian superpowers” in the field of artificial intelligence. Schmidt said:

“The United States lacks a principle of’whatever it takes’ to promote and dominate global artificial intelligence competition. We hope that the United States will invent this kind of thing (artificial intelligence technology), or at least let Western countries do it.”

According to the article, Schmidt has repeatedly issued warnings to the United States regarding China’s development in the field of artificial intelligence, especially in the military field. 

Schmidt said on Thursday that in response to this “threat,” the United States should invest more in research, ethics and artificial intelligence infrastructure, and cooperate with countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Japan.

Schmidt claimed that there is a broad consensus in the West on artificial intelligence ethics, but these may contrast with the standards set by China. Letting the United States and its partners take the lead in “ethical standards” is essential to ensure that “ethical standards” reflect “human values.”

Schmidt said: “China is too big and there are too many smart people. The United States alone cannot do it.

The US Defense Innovation Advisory Committee led by Schmidt was established in 2019 to submit quarterly reports and recommendations to the US Congress. 

Schmidt has already expressed his support for the Democratic Party, but he said on Thursday that advancing the control of artificial intelligence technology in the United States is one of the rare issues that have won the support of both parties in the United States, including President Trump.