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Florida policeman fired for supporting congressional incident

by YCPress

According to NBC local time on the 25th, a Florida policeman made wanton statements on social media in support of shock and racism in Congress.

After being reported by the public, the policeman has been fired.

According to the Kissimmee City Police Department of Florida, police officer Andrew Johnson has published more than 30 comments on the Internet in support of the protest of “black people’s lives are also lives” that support of the impact on Congress.

At the time of the impact on Congress, Johnson wrote on Facebook, a social media platform: “The silent majority will rise! The first day of the revolutionary war! This is just the beginning!” Subsequently, some netizens reported him to the Kissimmee police station.

Police spokesman Samantha Scarp said Johnson was fired on January 14 and said his actions were inconsistent with the core values of the police.