Home World Five people have been killed in the Trier car crash in Germany. The driver’s motive is not clear.
Five people have been killed in the Trier car crash in Germany. The driver's motive is not clear.

Five people have been killed in the Trier car crash in Germany. The driver’s motive is not clear.

by YCPress

December 1 , a car collision with passers-by in the western German city of Trier has killed five people, including a nine-month-old baby. At present, the driver of the car has been arrested, and the police said his motive is not clear, but they say that he used alcohol and may have mental problems.

Trier is a famous historical city in southwest Germany, adjacent to Luxembourg and France. According to the case previously released by Trier police, at about 13:45 p.m. on the same day, a 51-year-old German man drove an SUV into the pedestrian block of Trier Old Town and hit several passers-by. After receiving the alarm, the local police stopped the SUV and arrested the driver.

At that time, police said that four people were killed and many people were seriously injured in the incident, including a baby. Subsequently, the police updated that another serious injury died, causing the death toll to rise to five.

Witnesses said that the car that caused the accident was driving at high speed, pedestrians screamed and dodged, and some people were hit and flew. Pascal Höwing, 23, said that he and his friends heard the alarm and then saw “people lying on the ground everywhere” and “no one felt safe”.

Peter Fritzen, the prosecutor of Trier, said that the man’s motives are not clear at present, and there are no signs of terrorist, political or religious motives. He said that there were signs that the suspect may have mental problems and that the alcohol concentration in the blood was high.

German government spokesman Seibert said he was “shocked” by the events in Trier, and Chancellor Merkel said she was in contact with the regional government.

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a notice on December 2nd, expressing condolences for the five victims in the car crash in the western German city of Trier the day before, and confirming that two of the victims were Greeks.

5 people were killed in the pedestrian collision of Trier, Germany. The perpetrator was prosecuted.

According to reports, the two Greek victims are a 45-year-old man and his baby as young as nine weeks old. His wife and another 17-month-old child were also injured in the incident and are currently receiving treatment in the local hospital. Chief Taiwan reporter Wang Yuguo)

Many people were killed or injured in the pedestrian collision of Trier car in Germany. The perpetrator was prosecuted.

Local prosecutors announced that the 51-year-old suspect, who caused five deaths, was officially prosecuted for murder.

Many people were killed or injured in the pedestrian collision of Trier car in Germany. People spontaneously mourned the deceased.

On December 2nd, local time, people in the small town of Trier, Germany, spontaneously gathered in front of the gate of the historic city of Nigra and lit candles to send flowers to mourn the victims of the car collision with pedestrians on the first day.

The interrogation of the 51-year-old perpetrator by the local court is still ongoing, and it is not yet possible to confirm whether the incident was a terrorist attack.

Trier is the oldest town in Germany and the hometown of the great thinker Marx.

The reporter visited the scene of the car collision with a pedestrian in Trier, Germany. The suspect’s motive is doubtful.

five people were killed in the collision of a car in Trier, Germany. At present, the prosecution has officially prosecuted the 51-year-old suspect for murder, but the suspect’s motive for the crime is still uncertain.

The local prosecutor said that the suspect did not give the specific details of the crime, and the confession was inconsistent. There was no evidence that the incident had a political or religious background, and it was not ruled out that the suspect had mental problems. He would be psychiatrically identified in the near future. In addition, according to local media reports, there is a reaction from local residents that the suspect’s residence has recently been mortgaged and his job has lost, so his criminal motives for retaliation against society cannot be ruled out.

Chief Station Reporter Li Changhao: This is a main street in the center of Trier. We can see that the festive atmosphere decorates the whole street. The vehicle that caused the accident here rushed along the Z-shaped deliberately into the crowd, leading to the tragedy.

Trier is a scenic border town, and the security environment has always been very good. When it comes to the attack on the first day, the residents of the town are still scared.

Local people: I came to the scene about five minutes after the incident. I wanted to go downtown, but the surroundings were in chaos, and I was stopped by the police. I’m French and have settled here ten years ago. The people here are very friendly and always smile. Everyone is welcome here, no matter where your cultural background comes from, and I see no one smiles in my eyes today with tears. We thought about it. We lost five smiling faces. Thinking about those who were injured, I was very sad.

Local people: The most serious one is that a baby who is only nine and a half weeks old has also lost his life, and his father is really a tragedy.

After the incident, many local people held candles in their arms and prayed silently in the cold wind to express their sorrow.

Local people: I’m here today because I feel very sad, because it is unusual for Trier. I feel heavy.

At present, the warning signs on the road section of the accident have been lifted, but there are still many police officers on duty, hoping that the oldest city in Germany can get out of the haze and restore the calm of the past as soon as possible. ( Chief Taiwan reporter Li Changhao)