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Final results of general elections in Myanmar.

by YCPress

Final results of general elections in Myanmar. The League of Democracy believes in the continuation of the ruling status with more than 83% of the seats

November 14, local time, the Election Commission of the Union of Myanmar announced the final results of the current general election.

The 476 elected seats in the Federal Assembly, the Democratic League won by an absolute advantage of 396 seats (including 258 seats in the People’s House and 138 seats in the National House. )

not only won the ruling position with more than 83% of the seats, but also gained 6 more seats than the previous election. The second largest party, the Gongfa Party, won 33 federal seats, 9 seats less than the previous general election. 

In addition, Myanmar’s 11 ethnic political parties won 47 federal seats, becoming an important force in the parliament. Among them, the Shan National League for Democracy won 15 seats and became the largest ethnic minority party. 

And more than 70 political parties including the Federal Improvement Party and the People’s Vanguard Party did not win a federal seat in this general election.

On November 8, Myanmar held a five-year general election. The elected 476 members will join the 166 military members to form a new federal parliament and elect a new president and two vice presidents.