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Facebook will sue Apple for abuse of power in the app store

Facebook will sue Apple for abuse of power in the app store

by YCPress

According to Fox News local time on the 29th, Facebook is preparing to file a lawsuit against Apple’s abuse of its power in the app store.

According to the report, the lawsuit will target Apple’s abuse of the power of the “APP Store” in the app store, that is, to require apps in the store to comply with specific policies, while Apple’s own apps do not comply.

Facebook reportedly did not comment on the upcoming lawsuit, but told Fox in a statement that it believed that Apple had used its control of the app store to “anti-competitive” at the expense of app developers and small businesses.

It is reported that Apple announced on the 27th that it will launch a license request update called “APP Tracking Transparency” in the early spring, when the application software is to be tracked on other companies’ applications or websites.

The personal data of the user needs to ask for permission from the user, and the user can see which apps have asked for permission in Settings.

For example, Economic Korea says that when using the Facebook app, Apple mobile phone users will receive “Do you allow Facebook to track your activities through other corporate applications and websites?” pop-up window of According to the report, this is a direct blow to Facebook companies that use tracking mobile phone usage records and sending targeted advertising business models. Because according to industry speculation, nearly 90% of users will choose to refuse after receiving the pop-up window.

On the same day, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg condemned Apple’s new policy. “Apple has a good incentive to use the platform they lead to interfere with us and other apps, which they often do and lean towards their own,” he said.

“This has impacted the growth of millions of businesses around the world, and with the upcoming iOS 14 update, many small businesses will not be able to target their customers,” Zuckerberg added.

On the 28th, Apple CEO Tim Cook criticized the current situation full of polarization and misinformation on social media.

However, Cook did not mention Facebook in his speech.