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The suspect in the Paris “beheading case” accused of being an 18-year-old Chechen, 9 people have been arrested

The suspect in the Paris "beheading case" accused of being an 18-year-old Chechen, 9 people have been arrested

A “beheading case” occurred on the outskirts of the French capital Paris on October 16. A teacher was suspected of being “beheaded” by an attacker in front of the school after showing a cartoon about the Islamic prophet Muhammad to students in class. Died. The attack occurred at around 5 pm local time, and the case caused an uproar in the French public.

The assailant was shot by the police after committing the crime and died from his injuries. According to a report by Agence France-Presse on October 17, an unwilling source confirmed to the media that the assailant who was shot by the police was a Chechen born in Moscow, 18 years old this year.

According to Agence France-Presse, 9 people have been arrested by the police for this case, including the parents of the students in the school where the victim worked and others who knew the attacker. It is reported that the parents of two students who were arrested clearly expressed their disagreement with the teacher’s previous practice of showing the students cartoons about the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The teacher also received complaints and threats from the parents of the students.

At present, the French prosecutors have officially launched a terrorist investigation on the case, trying to find out the connection between the terrorist forces behind the attack, and French President Macron also interrupted his overseas visits and returned to the country to go to the scene of the crime. French Prime Minister Jean Castex said on Saturday that France will respond to the case with the “most determined attitude”.

The cartoon shown by the victim in this case was from the French satirical comic magazine “Charlie Hebdo”. This year is also the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attack of “Charlie Hebdo”. “Charlie Hebdo” also featured in its official social media on the 17th. An article on the media account stated, “I heard that a history teacher was murdered by religious fanatics while performing his duties. Charlie Hebdo expressed shock and was willing to resist this atrocities. We express our best to his family, relatives and all teachers. Deep support.”

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