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Eight nuns died of the coronavirus in a week in an American monastery, four of whom died the same day.

Europeans usher in an “unprecedented” Christmas season in the coronavirus epidemic.

by YCPress

Europeans usher in an “unprecedented” Christmas season in the coronavirus epidemic.

“Christmas in previous years was a demonstration of the beautiful lifestyle of the West, but the COVID-19 epidemic has made this year’s festival a nightmare in the West.” German sociologist Marcel Hassen recently lamented the reporter of the Global Times.

Recently, the reporter has visited many German cities. Unlike previous Christmas seasons, this year only feels lonely, which is a little sad. Although the trees on the streets are still decorated with glittering decorations, and Christmas trees stand in the center of the city as usual, the bustling scene in previous years is no longer, and shops are closed early.

“It’s the most painful Christmas season we’ve had since the end of World War II.” Johanna, an 86-year-old retired teacher living in Berlin, told the Global Times that although Germany was in ruins at the end of World War II, people could visit relatives and friends and set off firecrackers and fireworks at that time. Although life was not rich, it was still free, but the opposite was true now.

On social media, people in European countries have expressed their disappointment that Christmas cannot be normally this year. Mira from France said that the family of four originally planned to go to Australia for a holiday, but now even domestic travel is restricted.

The Dutch young man Walter wrote that he worked at home and his life became a “two-point line” between his residence and the supermarket. Turning on the TV, he couldn’t escape the “epidemic bombing” and was very nervous.

France lifted the “foot ban” since Tuesday, but imposed a curfew from 20 to 6 a.m. the next day. For this year’s Christmas season, many local media have described it as “unprecedented”.

Main streets across France are decorated with lights as usual, trying to create a Christmas and New Year atmosphere. This year, the Paris municipal government has specially decorated large Christmas tree light exhibitions in the Place de la Concorde, the Place Bastille and other places, and the Champs-Elysees is also decorated with red lights.

The French are still very traditional in shopping. Although the epidemic has made online shopping popular, locals still like to go to the shops to choose directly whenever they get a chance, so the shopping streets are not too lonely.”

A person in charge of the shopping mall told the Global Times that he expected local consumers to “compensate” for the losses caused by the inability of international tourists to come to shop.

Perhaps the most miserable thing in epidemic prevention is the catering industry. Mr. Li, who runs a Chinese restaurant in Vienna, told the Global Times that the Christmas season to the New Year were their best business of the year, and this year’s earnings were hit hard.

However, he has also been trying to deal with it: since September, restaurants have started to make packages, allowing employees to deliver manufactured “semi-processed” meals to customers’ homes every day.

Recently, Mr. Li also plans to launch a “Christmas feast”, such as the Beijing Roast Duck Package.