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EU emergency aid of 4 million euros to deal with refugees in northern Ethiopia

by YCPress

Brussels, November 19 As the situation in the Tigray state of northern Ethiopia has become increasingly tense, the European Union announced on the 19th an emergency aid of 4 million euros to deal with the refugees caused by the local armed conflict.

The European Commission stated in an announcement that day that since the outbreak of armed conflict in Tigray State earlier this month, nearly 30,000 Ethiopian refugees have flowed into the neighboring Sultan Kassala and Gadarif states. Most of these refugees have no possessions. , Urgently need help and resettlement.

To this end, the European Union decided to urgently allocate 4 million euros to relevant UN agencies and non-governmental organizations in Kassala and Gadarif states to distribute basic daily necessities to refugees, such as emergency shelter supplies, food, medical supplies, environmental sanitation, Personal hygiene products, etc., and prepare for the influx of more refugees.

The announcement quoted the European Commission’s Crisis Management Commissioner Lenalcic as saying that the spreading armed conflict in Tigray is turning into a humanitarian crisis. The EU is willing to provide assistance to refugees fleeing their homeland and urge all parties to the conflict in Ethiopia to allow humanitarianism. Confucian workers enter and exit the war zone freely until the ceasefire completely resolves the refugee problem.

Lenalcic also praised Sudan for providing asylum to Ethiopian refugees. The European Commission announced that as one of the largest refugee host countries in Africa, Sudan originally hosted more than 1 million refugees. Now in response to the economic crisis, floods, locust plagues, and even the Coronavirus pandemic, Ethiopian refugees continue to flow in, and its humanitarian situation is very serious. severe.

According to data, Tigray State is located in the northernmost part of Ethiopia, bordering Sudan and Eritrea, and has been one of the most sensitive areas in Ethiopia for many years. Earlier this month, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy stated that the main political parties in Tigray State “crossed the red line” to attack government forces. , The two sides immediately broke out in armed conflict.

At present, the United Nations is worried about the situation in Tigray State and publicly warned that there is a risk of “genocide” and serious war crimes. For this reason, UNHCR, the World Food Program and other agencies have taken actions to provide food, food, and food to the Ethiopian refugees in Sudan.

With water purification, simple sheds, blankets, sleeping mats and other materials, the Sudanese Ministry of Health and the Sudanese Red Crescent Society have set up clinics in places where refugees are concentrated to provide medical treatment and carry out health and nutrition screenings.