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Ethiopian Prime Minister said western Tigray region is “liberated”

by YCPress

November 12 , Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy stated on social media that “the western part of Tigray Region has been liberated from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, and the military is providing humanitarian assistance to the people in this area.” 

In addition, Abi said that after the National Defense Forces entered the town of Shiraro, they found multiple corpses of National Army soldiers who had been mutilated to death. 

Abi said that “action must be stepped up to save the lives of soldiers” and added that “the whole world should be aware of the heinous crimes committed by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front”.

According to statistics, since the outbreak of military conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray state on November 4, more than 11,000 Ethiopian refugees have flowed into neighboring Sudan. According to the forecast of the Sudanese Ministry of Interior, the number of refugees will soon exceed 200,000.