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Ethiopian government forces killed 550 militants

Ethiopian government forces killed 550 militants

by YCPress

Addis Ababa, November 11 Ethiopian state media Fana Broadcasting Corporation on the evening of the 10th, government forces have killed 550 people during military operations in Tigray State in the north of the country. Armed personnel of the Gray People’s Liberation Front (“Tiren Front”).

Fana Broadcasting Company quoted a senior official of the Ethiopian government army as a report that the government army has killed 550 armed personnel of the “Tianjin Front” since its military action and arrested 29 people on the 10th. The government forces also seized a large amount of military equipment from the “Tiren Front” and occupied some important strongholds in Tigray State, including the airport.

In recent days, the situation in northern Ethiopia has become increasingly tense. In the early morning of the 4th, armed personnel of the “Tiren Front” attacked the National Defense Forces base in Tigray State and attempted to snatch the National Defense Force artillery and other military equipment.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy said on the 4th that the Ethiopian government has taken military action against the “Tiren Front”. The Ethiopian Council of Ministers passed a resolution and issued a statement on the same day, deciding to implement a six-month state of emergency in Tigray Region. On the 6th, the Ethiopian Defense Forces carried out an air strike in Tigray State. Abi said that the air strikes were aimed at the military targets of “dangerous groups.” He also called on the people of Tigray State and the security forces to hand over members of the “dangerous group” to the government.

The “Tiren Front” is the core political party of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, the former ruling party in Ethiopia, and it actually controlled the Ethiopian regime. In December 2019, Prime Minister Abiyah formally established the new ruling party, the Ethiopian Prosperity Party, excluding the “promotion front”. Since then, the contradictions between the two parties have intensified.