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"Escape from London": Why the coronavirus mutation strain is "out of control" in the UK

“Escape from London”: Why the coronavirus mutation strain is “out of control” in the UK

by YCPress

The bigger problem at present is whether the current test agents can detect new variants.

In the past two days, the news that “the new strain of the novel coronavirus in the United Kingdom has lost control and implemented the strictest lockdown order” has attracted widespread attention from international public opinion.

On the Internet, a large number of London residents gathered to “escape from London” videos are popular.

“Surge in transmission power by 70%” and “more infectious”… In the face of the new situation, the British side has responded.

According to Xinhua News Agency, British Prime Minister Johnson announced that London, the capital of the United Kingdom, as well as parts of southeastern England and eastern England, will impose the highest level of “level 4” blockade restrictions from Sunday morning (20th).

At present, the public is most concerned that the new variant of the novel coronavirus is believed to be 70% more transmittible than the original strain. The short-term announcement of stricter restrictions in the United Kingdom, the panic among the local people, and the emergency restrictions on dealings with British personnel in many countries are all in response to the serious situation of the rapid spread of the epidemic after the emergence of the novel coronavirus mutation strain.

After all, “70% more transmittance” means that the new mutant strain only needs fewer viruses to achieve the same degree of infection.

For Britain, which is about to celebrate Christmas, it is destined to put more pressure on it.

In the general public’s understanding, the emergence of virus mutation and faster transmission means that the virus is more dangerous. But there is no evidence that new strains are more deadly or can cause more serious diseases, nor is there any evidence that the vaccine will be less effective against the new strain. Previously, viral mutations had occurred all over the world, and they were only minor mutations.

According to the main points of epidemiology prevention and control, the epidemic can be completely prevented and controlled by detecting the source of infection, cutting off the infection route and protecting the vulnerable.

The bigger question now is whether the current test agents can detect new variants, and whether the antibodies produced in people cured by early virus infection can produce the same level of immunity to the new variants and avoid easy rejuvenation.

In view of the current emergency situation, the British and London authorities have made a decision to prevent and control the epidemic at four levels. It is reported that the new fourth level is designed to cope with the increase of virus mutation and transmission speed. The rule requires people to work from home, avoid overnight stays elsewhere, and not leave the local area.

But as soon as the news came out, not only did the people of London not stay at home, but also “escaped from London” in large numbers. Before fleeing London, London’s major shopping streets were crowded with the public.

There are a number of reasons why the public fled London, but now it seems that biomedical factors and the epidemic itself account for a smaller proportion, while sociocultural factors are the majority. The word “virus mutation” alone is enough to frighten many people.

In the end, it was also the panic that caused the “escape” of the people in London.

For the British, Christmas is a sacred and happy traditional festival. But due to the rampant epidemic and the escalation of measures to deal with the epidemic, people’s desire to celebrate Christmas in London and southeastern England will be frustrated.

Disappointed, the first reaction of many Londoners was to flee. However, it happened to “escape from London” and became the biggest variable of epidemic prevention and control in Britain. Stations and airports gather a large number of people, which instead creates better conditions for the spread of the virus.

Nowadays, some Britons also realize that it is very stupid and irresponsible to escape from London just for the holiday and to reunite with their families.

Compared with the possibility of infection and infection, staying at home is the best way to prevent and control the epidemic by complying with the decision of level four prevention and control.

This is also a reminder to the British authorities that in addition to the directives issued by the public health department and other government departments to upgrade the epidemic prevention and control, it is also necessary to spread more simple common sense of epidemic prevention and control.