Home Politics Erdogan sends “reconciliation signal” to the United States
Erdogan sends "reconciliation signal" to the United States

Erdogan sends “reconciliation signal” to the United States

by YCPress

February 22 According to the Associated Press Istanbul on February 20, Turkish President Erdoğan said that common interests with the United States outweigh differences, and called for more cooperation with the new U.S. government led by Biden.

In a video released on the evening of the 20th local time, Erdogan admitted that Turkey-US relations are facing a “severe test”, but stressed that the strategic partnership between the two countries has “overcame difficulties”.

Erdoğan was quoted in the report as saying: “Our common interests with the United States are far more important than our different views.” He also said he hoped to consolidate the relationship between the two countries through a “long-term perspective based on win-win results”.

He said that the United States did not give Turkey “support and unity” when Turkey fought against the PKK and related organizations.

According to the report, he once again expressed frustration with the United States to allow the Muslim clergy, Fithula Gülen accused of planning an attempted coup in 2016, to stay in the United States.

Turkey hopes that the United States can extradite Gülen.

The report also said that before Erdoğan made this reconciliation, he fiercely criticized the United States of supporting Kurdish militants.

A few days ago, Turkish soldiers found the remains of 13 Turks taken hostage by the PKK in caves in northern Iraq.