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“Epstein’s accomplice” was arrested at Paris airport before taking the plane to Senegal.

by YCPress

The “Epstein accomplice” suspected of sexually assaulting and raping minors was officially investigated and detained! According to a French newspaper Le Monde on the 20th, Jean-Luc Brunel, a good friend of American billionaire Epstein and a French model agent, was arrested at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris on the 16th.

Paris prosecutors announced on the 19th that Brunel was detained by the police and began to be investigated for being accused of rape by several supermodels.

Brunel, 74 years old, is the founder of several famous model companies. In the notice, the Paris prosecutor said that Brunel was detained by the police on charges of sexual assault and rape of minors, gang crime and human trafficking, and aggravated the charges against the interests of minor victims for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

It is reported that Brunel was arrested at the airport while preparing to fly to Senegal. For many years, Brunel, who has been avoiding the “police radar”, has been accused by at least two American women of being Epstein’s “sex hacker”. In addition, Brunel was accused of rape by several former models, but he has always denied it.

“Brunel’s arrest was an important news and I cried with joy.” Former Dutch supermodel Yusman said that he was “drugged and raped” by Brunel at the age of 18. She later brought the same charges against Brunel by eleven more women. Virginia Giffer, the main complainant of Epstein’s case, “sex slave” Virginia Gifford, also claimed that he had been forced to have sex with Brunel.

Yu Siman said he hoped that more people would come forward and identify the atrocities. The victim defense lawyer in the case said that the girls had been waiting for Brunel’s arrest, and they were gratified. They were full of confidence in the subsequent judicial proceedings and felt that their testimony was “meaning”.