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Entry into Taiwan from December must hold a coronavirus test certificate.

Entry Taiwan from December must hold a coronavirus test certificate.

by YCPress

Taipei, November 25th – Taiwan authorities’ “Pandemic Epidemic Command Center” announced on the 25th that except for emergencies such as returning to Taiwan for funerals, those who cannot be inspected at their own expense at their own expense or with the consent of the command center, they must provide negative nucleic acid test reports for COVID-19 within three days when entering Taiwan from December, and violators will be heavily fined. This policy applies to Taiwanese and foreigners holding residence permits and people from mainland Hong Kong and Macao, and does not apply to connecting passengers via Taiwan.

According to the comprehensive central news agency, United News Network and China Times News Network, Chen Shizhong, the person in charge of the agency, said that if passengers are unable to show the inspection report and do not meet the above conditions, they shall not apply for epidemic prevention compensation in the future unless they still have to travel in the designated area of the plane and accept inspection at their own expense according to the arrangement of the airline, and A fine of 10,000 to NT$150,000 will be imposed in accordance with the relevant regulations. If confirmed and suspected of infecting others, he will also be liable for relevant criminal responsibility.

Chen Shizhong said that the purpose of overseas inspection is to facilitate airlines to understand the personal health status of passengers, and to take appropriate preventive measures on board according to the risk of epidemic prevention of passengers to reduce the risk of transmission. At the same time, avoid the large number of passengers staying at the airport due to inbound inspection, increasing the risk of infection.

When overseas Taiwanese are diagnosed with COVID-19 and have a need to return to Taiwan for medical treatment due to the lack of local medical resources, if the return flight has appropriate protective measures, patients can entrust international medical transfer agencies, airlines or hospitals in Taiwan to submit a special application to the command center, and the aircraft used to return to Taiwan for medical treatment to take special aircraft. The formula is the principle.

The command center also announced that on that day, five new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were added to Taiwan, entering from Indonesia and the Philippines. At present, a total of 623 cases have been confirmed in Taiwan.