Home Entertainment Enjoy the speed and passion 2020 Macau Grand Prix begins
Enjoy the speed and passion 2020 Macau Grand Prix begins

Enjoy the speed and passion 2020 Macau Grand Prix begins

by YCPress

The 67th Macau Grand Prix officially kicked off on the 21st. Hundreds of Chinese and foreign drivers presented the audience with wonderful and fierce speed and passion on the 6.2-kilometer-long Dongwangyang Circuit.

Although many foreign players were unable to participate in the competition due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the first day of the competition still attracted more than 20,000 citizens and tourists to watch.

Macau’s “Dongwangyang Circuit” is named after the whole track around Dongwangyang Mountain. It has many sharp curves and ramps along the way, and the narrowest track is only 7 meters wide, which is known as one of the most challenging urban circuits in the world.

There are five wonderful events in this year’s Macau Grand Prix, including: Macao Grand Prix Formula Four, Macao GT Cup, Macau Dongwangyang Competition, Macau RV Cup and Greater Bay Area GT Cup.

Foreign audience: I work in Macao. This is my first time to see a big car. I came with my friends.

It’s a good experience. Today’s race is great. I will come again next time.

Macao citizens: (The competition) is very good, and the epidemic prevention measures are well done.

In order to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention, a number of strict epidemic prevention measures have been taken in this year’s competition. For example, competitors and staff should be tested for nucleic acid in advance, and foreign drivers need to undergo 14 days of medical isolation observation after entering the country.

During the competition, the audience needs to show their health codes, test their temperatures and wear masks, and keep a certain distance between seats. In order to promote the economic recovery of tourism, the Macao SAR government has also carefully arranged many huge advertisements around the track to welcome tourists to Macau.