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England expands the scope of coronavirus vaccination

England expands the scope of coronavirus vaccination

by YCPress

January 18 The British government announced on the 17th that the second phase of COVID-19 vaccination is scheduled to begin in England on the 18th, extending the scope of vaccination to the elderly aged 70 and above and people who are extremely vulnerable to severe illness due to COVID-19.

The United Kingdom launched coronavirus vaccination on December 8 last year. The first batch of vaccinations were for the elderly aged 80 and above and front-line medical staff.

In the second phase of vaccination, people who are very vulnerable to severe illness caused by the novel coronavirus include patients with specific cancer and severe respiratory diseases.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on the 17th that expanding vaccination coverage is an “important milestone”, but Britain’s fight against the epidemic is still “long and far”.

The British government said that the first batch of vaccinations will still be given priority, and the vaccination points with abundant reception capacity will be vaccinated for the second batch.

According to the goal set by the British government, the UK should complete vaccination of about 14 million people by mid-February. Local governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have the power to develop their own vaccination programs.

British Health Secretary Matthew Hancock said on the 17th that more than half of the British people over 80 years old have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said that as vaccinations progress, the British government hopes to gradually ease restrictions from March and achieve the first dose of vaccine for all British adults by September.